2019-20 Spirit Days themes were voted by families at the FAN Welcome Social/Potluck. Please see FAQs below.

Dates and Themes:

Monday, Sept 30 – Wednesday, Oct 2 – Favorite Sports Team

Wednesday, Oct 30 – Friday, Nov 1st – Favorite Costume

Wednesday, Dec 18 – Friday, Dec 20 – Pajamas Day

Wednesday, Feb 12 – Friday, Feb 14 – Free Dress

Wednesday, Mar 25 – Friday, Mar 27 – Funny Feet

Wednesday, Apr 29 – Friday, May 1 – Favorite Animal

Wednesday, May 20 – Friday, May 22 – School Colors (Blue and Orange)

Spirit Days FAQs
1. How do I know what the Spirit day theme is?
Besides this webpage, spirit dates/themes can be found in the Connect Calendar. Additionally, the information is also typically sent out in the weekly newsletter before spirit week & will be posted on the FB page.

2. Does my child have to dress up for Spirit day ?
No. If your child chooses not to dress up as per the spirit theme for the day, he/she is expected to wear clothes like on any other school day. If they do dress-up, please help your child choose costumes that feel safe for others and are school appropriate.