DVIA Cares

DVIA’s FAN has recently conceptualized a community service arm called DVIA Cares. Contact davincifanevents@gmail.com, if you have a project that you are interested in bringing to the DVIA community.

As a kickoff project FAN will be organizing a Hurricane Harvey Relief bake sale to collect funds for victims (human and animal) of the giant storm in Texas.  The money will be divided and sent to the Red Cross and Humane Society.  It is our hope that families willing to contribute in baking, selling or purchasing will find a way to feel connected to those suffering the losses due to the flooding and feel proactive in their service.  The slow start will happen Friday 9/1 at pickup (catching DaVinci Science students too) and will go into next week Tues – Thursday.  For anyone thinking of baking, keep in mind including healthier options and smaller portions.  We are hoping to include fruit and refreshing drink options as well.  Please sign-up here!
On-going Project:
DVIA collects bottles and cans (CRV) to help keep our Monarch nursery full of healthy, but pricey milkweed.  Small donations can be left in the bin in the office and bigger donations can be left inside the campus by the chalkboard door (across from the adult bathroom).  This effort goes on all year.  Our hungry caterpillars thank you!