August 18, 2018
Greeting Families!
From Our Principal

Greetings Families,

I hope you've enjoyed this beautiful weekend! I want to call your attention to a blurb below highlighting math workshops offered by Helen Chan this coming Thursday! Connecting homeschoolers with highly trained, highly skilled and highly impactful educators is one of the things we do best. Not very many programs offer the caliber of support we do, and we hope you take advantage of these offers! If you have a kindergarten through 5th grade students, you've got to attend Helen's workshop! She is looking forward to giving you strategies to get your year started. Please sign up below so we know how many participants to expect. Thanks!

Did you know this year marks the 10 year anniversary of Da Vinci Schools? We are excited, proud and honored to have served our community for the past decade. You can read more here. If you are new to Da Vinci, you might not know that we have 5 schools and a total of 6 unique programs: Da Vinci Communication, Da Vinci Connect, Da Vinci Design, Da Vinci Extension, Da Vinci RISE and Da Vinci Science. You can read about each program on our main page,

Enjoy your week!
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Things You Need to Know This Week

Math Workshops with Helen
Starting Thursday, August 23, times below
Cathie's Room
Want suggestions for homeschooling your kindergarten through 5th grade student in math? You're in luck! Veteran homeschooler and math guru, Helen Chan, is here to help! Helen is offering a math workshop series throughout the year and the first one is this week! Please use these sign-ups (9-10am K-2nd Grade Workshop and 11-12am 3rd-5th Grade Workshop) so Helen knows how many people to expect. We understand you may need to bring children to these workshops. Please know that we don't have supervision available, so bring a quiet activity for them to engage with.

Homeschool Support Meetings with your Teacher(s)
Monday, August 20 - Friday, August 24
You should have received an email from your student's teacher, with a link to sign up for a homeschool support meeting with him or her. Don't forget to sign up!

Work Journals
Have you seen the new Work Journal page on the Parent Educator Resource Site ( Go to "Instructional Resources" to find the "Work Journal" tab. All work journals are listed (for all cores, for the whole year!) in two formats: Word document and fillable PDF. Thank you to all the parents who gave input at last spring's work journal meeting--your guidance helped us make some awesome changes! And a huge thank you to our FAN parents who helped us create the page and upload all those documents.
A few tips:
  • Consult the FAQ page and checklist docs early. They are loaded with helpful info!
  • If you are new to work journals or want to try something new, we created them in both Word and fillable PDF this year for your flexibility. Try using Google docs if your child has multiple homeschool instructors.
  • Be sure to save your docs frequently and not just to your desktop! We recommend saving them to "the cloud" or Google Drive or even emailing yourself the most recently filled-in version once a week just in case.
  • Reminder, Work Journal #1 began last Thursday, August 16th and we encourage you to fill it in as you go along! Families who wait and fill them in at the end of the work journal period report that work as treacherous!
  • Collaborative families, your work journals are blank because your program is intended for maximum homeschooling flexibility--but feel free to copy and paste standards from the Hybrid work journals with standards included.
  • Hybrid, you have the option of "choosing your own adventure" with blank work journals or using the pre-filled ones. You can also make your own using those pre-filled standards by mixing them up.

5th-8th Graders: Astro and Catalina Camps
Camp meetings: Please plan to attend either Thursday, August 23 @ 8:15 am or Friday, August 24 @ 3:30pm.
Camp dates: Astro Camp September 19-21, Catalina Camp September 24-26
This fall, our 5th/6th graders are heading to Astro Camp and our 7th/8th graders are heading to Catalina Camp! If you submitted a Commitment Form for Astro Camp/Catalina Camp in the spring, our mandatory camp meetings are quickly approaching! Meetings will be held in the Makerspace. Camp payments/payment plan agreements are due Sept 1st. If you did not submit a Commitment Form in the Spring and would like more information about the possibility of sending your student to camp, please e-mail Kaitlin.

Picture Request for New Families--help us get to know you quickly!
Kaitlin and Michelle try to learn student and parent names as soon as possible. If you are a new family and would like to send them a picture of your family or your child, please do! Their emails are and This also helps with drop-off and pick-up during the first few weeks! (The pictures won't be shared or forwarded but will be printed in their office to help them learn names).

FAN Community Gathering--See you there!
Sunday, August 26, starting at 3:00pm
Look for fellow DV Connect families at "Concerts at the Park" at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach! This is an easy, fun and free way to hang out with friends! More info here. If your child wears his/her "Explore Connect Inspire" shirt it will be easy for other Connect families to spot you!

Congratulations, and Welcome!
Congratulations to our middle school math teacher, Nancy, on the birth of her beautiful daughter Lilyana! We are so fortunate to have Cathie Schubert in her place while Nancy is on maternity leave. Cathie is a veteran homeschooler and highly sought-after sub at Da Vinci Schools. She is well-equipped to meet your middle school math needs and we are excited she has joined us! Welcome to the team, Cathie!

Coming Up...

Comedy & Magic Club FAN FUNdraiser
Thursday, September 13, 6 pm
Join fellow parents and staff as we laugh and dine together! This is a fun night with limited tickets so read more here and buy your tickets before they sell out!

Want to connect with other families and students on a more regular basis? Campus will open at 8:45 am this year!
We've decided to support families with connecting and time together by opening campus at 8:45am each morning, beginning August 27th. Between 8:45 and 9:00am, students on campus MUST be supervised by a parent/guardian, as classroom doors will not open to welcome students until 9:00am (before school teachers prepare for the day and hold meetings). If you would like to drop off your student without supervision, please do so from 9:00 to 9:15am when they can head directly to their classroom. We are excited to extend this opportunity to families! We just request that 8:45-9:00 remain time teachers are left to plan/hold meetings, parents supervise their children and students put away any equipment they play with. Thank you!

Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up Reminders
For Safety Purposes, Please Read Carefully!
Please read page 27 of the handbook carefully for drop off and pick up information! There's a lot you need to know, specific directions that traffic flows, information about where to drop off versus where to pick up, information for middle schoolers specifically, what to do if your child has a last-minute play date or will be picked up by someone other than their parent/guardian, and much more!
Also, please note: We know you may have indicated a list of emergency contact people we can release your child to in case of illness, emergency, etc. Please know this does not apply to spontaneous change of pick-up person. When we are releasing 200 students at a time, we are not consulting a list. We are matching a parent's face with a child's face. Changes in pickup must be emailed to the front office in advance or will be subject to delay until all students are dismissed and emergency lists can be consulted. Thank you for understanding! Safety is important to us!

2018-2019 Dress Code Reminder:
Below is our revised dress code, which is required ANY time a student is on campus, including individual classes or meetings. Some families keep a spare shirt in the car just in case. Our dress code helps us promote a culture where students are known and valued for who they are, not for what they wear. Thank you for considering this. Our dress code is excerpted below and can be found in the handbook.
Stay Connected!
To maintain connection with our community over the summer, be sure to check out our private and official group on Facebook!

Have a great week!
~Your DV Connect Team