September 30, 2018
Greeting Families!
From Our Principal
Greetings Families,

We are so excited to see you on Wednesday at our Parent Educator Conference! We think there's something for everybody on this day. Whether you're craving homeschooling ideas and strategies, guidance and inspiration for Work Journal #2, connection with fellow parent educators, suggestions from our parent panel, or career exposure for your child at our first Career Speaker Series, our intent is to fill your bucket after these first 6 weeks of the year. Please enjoy the day!

You can see the schedule HERE and read blurbs explaining the various workshops and experiences HERE. Print versions will be available at the conference. If you wish to attend and contribute to the potluck lunch, the sign up is HERE. The flyer for our Career Speaker Series, including the careers featured, can be found HERE.

I want to thank you for attending and I also want to thank the many parents who are contributing to make the day a success--our Career speakers, our FAN work journal jam organizers, those of you contributing to the potluck lunch, our parent panel speakers and also our teachers who have been busily planning their workshops and academic coaches organizing kid care--it takes a village and I am glad you are each part of our village!

See you Wednesday!
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Things You Need to Know This Week

Work Journal #1 Due
Wednesday, Oct 3, by 4 pm
Work Journal #1, complete with work samples, is due Wednesday, Oct 3, by 4 pm to the front office. Please note, we designed the work journal deadline to give all families the opportunity to turn it in on your on-campus day - turn it in when you come to campus on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Please don't miss the deadline or we have to issue a non-compliance letter. Letter #1 is a warning, letter #2 is a meeting with Michelle and letter #3 means your child must be removed from the program. We don't want this to happen but it is independent study policy!

Parent Educator Conference (PEC) #1
Wednesday, Oct 3
  • Please see links included in Michelle's blurb above (schedule and workshop descriptions).
  • The event is open to both Hybrid and Collaborative families! Collaborative families, please know the workshops are primarily run by Hybrid staff while your teachers are with your children. But we believe you can glean grade-level relevant ideas from all of our teachers, so please attend if you wish!
  • "Kid care" for DV Connect students by our academic coaches is almost full! More info and a sign up are available here.
  • We've heard many of you want to learn from each other about strategies for homeschooling multiple children so we are including a potluck lunch and parent panel! You can sign up for the potluck here!
  • There will be collaboration sessions ("Work Journal Jams") intended to encourage parents to inspire each other with a variety of topics: unpacking standards, field trip ideas, strategies, resources and more!
  • We arranged the day to maximize flexibility for families: Come for just a workshop to fulfill technical work journal check-in requirements or take full advantage of the day! It's up to you. Come in the morning or afternoon, or stay all day! Morning and afternoon time with teachers is repeated to accommodate families with multiple children.
  • We aligned our Career Speaker Series with this event to hopefully maximize your time. If your children are able to attend, RSVP here. The flyer is here.

Makerspace Workshop: Da Vinci Parachutes!
Thurs or Fri Oct 11 & 12, 1-2:30pm
Defy gravity in our very own MAKERSPACE! Build and test the original parachute designed by Leonardo da Vinci! Materials are provided but please bring your curiosity! Sign up HERE and note, this is not a drop-off event. Parent supervision is required.

Professional Development Day: NO SCHOOL
Friday, Oct 5
No school or homeschool. Reminder: All dates are on the Parent Resource Website calendar and the Da Vinci Schools website calendar can be synced to your devices!

Front Office Procedures Reminder
Navigating our schedule and our young people's schedules is tricky! We get it. :) We know that there will be times where your student forgets his/her lunch or water bottle, you'll need to drop off late or pick up early, etc. We ask that you navigate these rarities in the following ways:
  • Drop water bottles/lunches at the front desk. (Our office staff will make sure it reaches your child!)
  • If arriving to school late, walk your child in to the front office and sign him/her in, then allow your student to walk to class on his/her own (with the exception of Cores 1/2 as needed).
  • If picking up early, please check in to the front office. Our office staff will call for your student to come to the front.
Our number one priority is to keep campus safe, and one way to do so is by monitoring the foot traffic on campus. It can also be distracting to our learners (and your child in particular!) if they see mom or dad pacing or peeking outside the classroom. :) Thank you for understanding!

FAN Opportunities and Newsletter
Thank you for all those that attended the FAN meeting. For more information about FAN events for this year and to find volunteer opportunities, click here. Are you curious about FAN? Check out this FAN newsletter to learn more!

DV Connect Cares!
Welcome back to school everyone! It's a new year with new school gear! Are you wondering what to do with those shoes that don't quite fit anymore? DV Connect Cares will be having a shoe drive starting Monday, September 17 and continuing through October! There will be a turquoise bin in the office to collect your gently worn adult and children's shoes! These shoes will then be donated to a school in Guatemala, where many children walk to school on unpaved roads without shoes! Time for some "fall cleaning" for an awesome cause! Thank you so much!

Coming Up...

FAN Fall Carnival!
Wednesday, Oct 24, 4:30-6:30pm
The Fall Carnival is around the corner! Mark your calendar for this Da Vinci Connect party. Curious how you can participate? Visit this link to sign up and RSVP.

Stay Connected!
To maintain connection with our community, be sure to check out our private and official group on Facebook!
What's Cookin' in the Homeschool Kitchen

DV Connect student, Lauren Webber, and several other DV Connect students will be performing a ballet at our local theater! Check it out!

Pack your toothbrush and join us at Grandma's house! She tells the best stories indeed, and you'll see your favorite bedtime tales dance to life on stage. In this fairy tale of fairy tales, you'll meet Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Peter Pan, the Three Little Pigs and more. Through the Pages is an original ballet written for children and the enjoyment of all. An enchanting experience for all ages!

The Parent Center @ DV Connect

The Parent Center now has its own pages on the Parent Educator Resource Website! See the far right drop-down to learn about the Parent Center, find the schedule, and find more resources (resources coming soon)!
Have a great week!
~Your DV Connect Team