Special Parent Educator Website Edition
Greeting Families!
One of the things that makes our school unique is the way parent educators help and support each other. In the first years of DV Connect (then Da Vinci Innovation Academy), parents saw a need for a website where they could find common core explanations, resources, a school event calendar, and much more. Over the years, as our school has evolved to meet the needs of our families, what we now call the Parent Educator Resource website has also evolved. Thank you to the parents who have put so much time and effort into making this a resource that helps us be better educators, share ideas and resources, and build connection in our community.

The purpose of this newsletter is to spotlight our Parent Educator Resource website and share with you some of the many ways you can use this resource to be a better educator.

A special thank you to Eileen for your hard work creating this newsletter and to Lachmi and Tasneem for maintaining the resource site!
The Home Page

The home page contains information about what's new on the site and/or at DV Connect, blurbs about upcoming events, and links to the rest of the site.

"Home" Drop-Down Menu

"Who to Contact for What"
Exactly what it sounds like!

"Instructional Support" Drop-Down Menu

"Work Journals"
This page contains links to a Work Journal FAQ page, a Work Journal Checklist, and work journals for the entire year for Hybrid and Collaborative programs, with standards or with space for you to write in which Common Core Standards you are currently working on.

"Links to Digital Resources"
Links to all digital resources offered through DV Connect, from BrainPop and ST Math to ThinkCERCA and Studies Weekly.

"Language Arts [Resources]"
This page contains links to or info about language arts videos, books, games, online resources, apps, and podcasts, including a list of parent-recommended podcasts loved by DV Connect families.

"Logical/Mathematical [Resources]"
This page contains links to or info about logical/mathematical videos, books, number talks, games, online resources, apps, and coding resources.

"Science [Resources]"
This page contains links to or info about science videos, books, articles, games, online resources, and coding resources.

"Readers/Writer's Workshop Handbooks"
This page contains links to the digital version of The Reading Workshop and The Writing Workshop for grades K-8. These handbooks contain a wealth of information from veteran teachers on how to teach your child reading and writing through mini-lessons (to guide their reading/writing with a specific goal for the day), practice, conferencing together, and more practice. There is also background information about learners at each age and how to engage them in the learning process. If you've had Patrick work his magic with your child's attitude toward and skills in writing, this is what he uses!

"CPM Resources"
The teacher manuals for all of the Core Connections College Preparatory Math are located here. This is the curriculum used at school for middle school math.

"Collaborative Math Resources"
Families in the Collaborative program can find the curriculum used at school here.

"Resources" Drop-Down Menu

"DV Connect 101"

Here you can find a glossary of the vocabulary we use here in Da-Vinci-specific ways, and explanation of our Habits of Heart and Mind, a statement of our core beliefs, recommended book lists for parents and children, and an article on progressive education from Alfie Kohn.

***There is also a very helpful document for parent educators on this page: the "Da Vinci Parent Handbook for Learning Goals and Common Core Standards Levels 1-9." This handbook is organized by level (very roughly equivalent to grade) and helps parent educators understand what the Common Core Standards mean and what your child should learn/be able to do at each level, for both math and language arts.***

"Compassionate Communication"
This page contains resources on compassionate communication, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, creativity, and more.

"Project-Based Learning"
Here you can find an explanation of project-based learning, a TED talk on creativity, support in using project-based learning at home, and more!

"Field Trip Ideas"
Exactly what it says! If you have more ideas to share, the Parent Educator Resource Site is always looking for more of everything to share.

"Newsletter Archives"
School newsletters going back to 2012 can be found here, but more pragmatically, you can also find the most recent copies of the newsletter here.

"FAN" Drop-Down Menu

"About FAN"

The FAN Events Calendar, ways to earn money for our school as you shop, and other ideas for getting involved in our school community can be found on this page. All DV Connect families are members of FAN, our Family Action Network!

"FAN Pizza/Spirit Days FAQ"
All your pizza/spirit days questions answered.

"FAN Events Calendar 2018-19"
All FAN Events for the year are already calendared here with details as available. FAN events are also already on the school calendar, linked directly from the home page.

"Classroom Coordinators"
Each cohort of each core has a classroom coordinator, a parent educator who has volunteered to help facilitate communication between the teacher(s) and the parents, organize a field trip, and coordinate teacher/staff appreciation opportunities. The list of classroom coordinators is found here.

"DV Connect Cares"
Information about the community service arm of FAN and its efforts and projects can be found here, as well as in the weekly newsletter.

"The Parent Center" Drop-Down Menu

"About the Parent Center"
Find information here such as what the Parent Center is, some of the things you can find there, and who Theresa is.

Find a link to a monthly Sign Up Genius here to schedule an appointment with Theresa in the Parent Center.

Coming soon!

Home Page Icons

This icon takes you to our DV Connect school calendar, which includes important school dates and FAN events. You can subscribe to this calendar by following the link to the calendar, then clicking on "subscribe" at the top right.

"Learning Goals"
This icon links to a set of documents that was written to help you understand the Common Core Standards, also known as the learning goals found on your work journals. Note: This is a
different set of documents than is found on "DV Connect 101" from the "Resources" drop-down menu.

"Family Directory"
This icon takes you to the DV Connect Family Directory. The password is emailed directly to each family yearly when the directory is ready.

"Family Handbook"
The Handbook is updated yearly and includes important information for each family. If you haven't looked through it in a while, this is a great time to see what's changed.

"Weekly Newsletter"
The most recent edition of the school newsletter is linked from this icon.