May 28, 2018
Greetings, DVIA Families!
From Our Principal
Greetings Families,

I wish to start by acknowledging this Memorial Day and those in our local and national community who serve us all. To the servicemen and servicewomen within our own DVIA community, as well as to those of you who are police officers, fire fighters and paramedics, thank you for all you do to keep us safe.

We have a lot of important and exciting events happening this week, so please read the specific blurbs below regarding: work journal deadline, our annual book fair, our multicultural fair, the LCAP meeting, curriculum resource selection, spirit and pizza days and so much more!

It's hard to believe our year is ending! Congratulations on the tremendous learning as well as the presenting and reflecting skills your child has shown (or will soon show) during his/her Presentation of Learning. I have heard many families talk to each other about how much their child has improved and grown over several years of demonstrating learning in this way. We are so proud to take the time to help students "show what they know" with Student Led Conferences, Exhibition and POLs!

I wish to make an acknowledgement about this year's yearbook. First of all, a group of dedicated students worked very hard with their teacher, Tina, to capture our year. Coming together as a team, learning a new program, integrating technology systems, communicating with a variety of personnel, gathering photos and editing is truly hard work. Allowing for student autonomy is challenging, as is managing a class with some students truly invested and others not. Getting accurate information from a large groups adults is also challenging. In the end, a really great display of our year was created, and I want to acknowledge that hard work. I also need to acknowledge that unfortunately, there were many mistakes in the yearbook and a large number of students are missing and a few name errors occurred. I am truly sorry and take responsibility that thorough editing did not occur. We can and will be more thorough next year and we will ensure such errors don't happen again. I am working on what options we have and will reach out to individual families when I know more. Thank you for your patience, your grace and your kind forgiveness. I know many feelings were hurt.

The end of a school year is a time when future information is shared. Some announcements are exciting, some mean we have to say goodbye. Each year, families move away or explore other options while new families are preparing for their journey with us in the fall. This week I write with the bittersweet news that Ebony, who most of you know for her variety of roles at DVIA, has made the difficult choice to accept an amazing opportunity for full-time work supporting a school that is very lucky to have her. While it is always hard to lose a staff member or a family, we know that supplying individuals with the tools to thrive in the next phase of their journey is a large part of what we do--and we are happy for them when they find that next step. Please be sure to connect with her in the coming weeks! Ebony, we appreciate you and we will miss you!

Please read below for a few announcements about next year. More information will come in the next two weeks as well.
  • As part of our August professional development, your child's teacher will connect with you about beginning of the year events, including the first "meet with your teacher" date between August 16th and 24th. Please plan to ease into your homeschool year by accomplishing something educational each of those days. If you are traveling, please plan to homeschool while traveling and be available for a few of those dates to choose a time to meet your teacher(s). Classes will officially begin on campus the week of August 27th.
  • While we have a history of informing you of your child's teacher before we break for the year, please know this is a proactive, helpful thing we do but not a requirement of our program. Most schools inform you a few days before school starts and often with a list posted on a fence! We promise we will reach out soon but an exact date is to be determined. Also, we do not accept requests for your child's teacher. When wondering about your child's classroom placement next year, please remember that your teacher knows your child quite well; particularly in the context of a classroom setting. The needs of your child and their peers are thoughtfully considered during the decision making process. We understand that you may have strong feelings about a particular teacher. We kindly ask that you trust us to make the best decision for your child.
    We take a number of factors into consideration when placing kids in classrooms including:
    - The balance of gender
    - Peer relationships
    - Sibling considerations
    - Overall class dynamics
  • The kindergarten hours are now official:
    • First semester: 9:15-1:15
    • January through Spring Break: 9:15-2:15
    • Spring Break through end of year: 9:15-3:15
  • Many Hybrid families have wondered whether they will be asked to attend meetings on campus at various times on Wednesdays or whether they should proceed with creating co-ops, networking with other families, arranging field trips, etc. Thank you for asking this question! The Hybrid staff discussed this last Wednesday. We will ask you to come on campus for approximately 2 hours before each work journal in order to meet with your child's teacher and collaborate with other families. While we know this will happen approximately 5 times next year, the exact dates cannot be announced until the work journal periods are officially established. We hope it helps for you to know that except for SLCs and POLs, and barring any concerns from teachers about your child's progress, you are only mandated to meet with your teacher once per work journal period.
Thank you and enjoy your week,
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From Our Dean of Students
Hello Families,

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Whether you are remembering and celebrating a fallen service man or woman or enjoying the long weekend in other ways with your family, I hope that this long weekend gives you exactly what you need :)

POLs are well under way, and I LOVE the excitement around campus during this time of year! Everyone has worked incredibly hard to celebrate these final presentations of learning!
What You Need to Know This Week

Book Fair
Tuesday, May 29 to Tuesday, June 5
The Book Fair is coming, presented by Barefoot Books! Get ready to find some awesome summer reading to prevent that "summer slide!" The Book Fair will be open the following dates/times:
Tuesday 5/29, 12:20-12:50 and 2:45-3:30
Wednesday 5/30, 12:20-12:50 and 2:45-3:30
Thursday 5/31, 12:20-12:50 and 4:30-7:00pm (during Cultural Fair)
Friday 6/1, 12:20-12:50 and 2:45-3:30
Monday 6/4, 9:15 - 3:15
Tuesday 6/5, 9:15 - 3:15

Work Journal #5 Due
Thursday, May 31, by 4:15 pm

LCAP Meeting Date Corrections
Thursday, May 31st, 9:15am
Please note that the LCAP meeting announced for May 28th (Memorial Day) is instead taking place on May 31st. See you there!

Curriculum Resource Selection for the 2018-2019 School Year
All new and returning families have received an email with information about selecting curriculum resources for next year.
Drop-In Curriculum Resource Q&A Sessions are available (in the Makerspace):
Tues. 5/29 1:00-4:00
Weds. 5/30 8:30-9:30
Weds. 5/30 12:15-2:00
Weds. 5/30 3:30-4:45
Thu. 5/31 3:30-6:00
Fri. 6/1 2:00-4:00
Questions? Contact

"The Amazing Food Detective: Game On"
A Play by Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre
Tuesday, May 29, 9:30 am
All 3rd through 5th graders are invited to come enjoy this performance, which aims to educate children about the benefits of good nutrition and an active lifestyle. Click here for more information.

Come Support Da Vinci Design Students!
Wednesday, May 30th at 1pm in the Forum
Come watch DVD seniors perform a play that speaks out against bullying. They've been working hard and want an audience! Can you spare a bit of time to give them the audience they deserve? They have written the play intended for elementary and middle school aged students. See flyer for more info!

DVIA Cultural Fair
Thursday, May 31, 4:30-7pm
Mark your calendars and plan to join us! Get more information, sign up to help, and RSVP here! A survey was distributed at school for you to fill out with your family about your heritage or a culture you are interested in. It will help you learn about the culture you choose to focus on, as well as help you figure out how you might want to participate in the Cultural Fair. When you're done, you can turn them in in a box in the office marked "Cultural Fair Surveys." Here is an online version, in case the hard copy was misplaced.

Pizza Day/Da Vinci Pride Day
Thursday, May 31, and Friday, June 1
Enjoy yummy pizza and show your school spirit!

Write Source Textbooks
All families who received a Write Source textbook from DVIA are asked to return them to the front office by Friday, June 1. Contact with any questions about this. Thank you

Tire Garden Update!
Calling all DVIA gardeners! Our lovely tire garden has begun to "bloom!" And, we would like to invite everyone to add their magical touches to it! Do you have any treasures that you'd like to contribute? Legos, fairy garden supplies, seashells, jewels, flowers...all are welcome at our DVIA tire garden, located near the outdoor amphitheater!

Breakthrough Junior Challenge!
If your learner is 13 years or older and loves physics, life sciences or math and can explain a concept uniquely in a 3 minute video, he or she might win a $250,000 scholarship! Check out the Breakthrough Junior Challenge here!

Save the Date
Last Day of School/Homeschool
Tuesday, June 5
Work Journal #6 ends today and is due by 4:15 pm with one math work sample and a student reflection on his/her POL (or other instructions, as given by your child's teacher).

8th Grade Graduation!
Wednesday, June 6, 10:00 am
201 N. Douglas St, El Segundo
See Kaitlin's email to all 8th grade families for more information about graduation.
What's Cookin' in the Homeschool Kitchen

Lauren and William Webber like to play games on their iphones and ipads. They wanted to build their own game based on where they live. So working with their mum they created California Beach Crush. They designed a theme for the game from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach. "In Southern California, every day is a potential beach day!" said Lauren Webber, "We added fun beach themes in the game including flipflops, beach chairs and my favorite - the Shirley Temple drink. If you get through all the levels you finish up in Manhattan Beach." Lauren also assisted with the translations into different languages using Google translate. The game is now available for free on the Apple store and on Google play.

According to NOAA, there are over 95,000 miles of shoreline in the USA and California ranks number 5 in the nation for miles of beaches.

Did You Know...
...the curriculum for both Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop is available on the Parent Educator Resource website? From the home page, click on "Instructional Support" at the top of the page, then choose "Readers/Writer's Workshop Handbooks" from the drop-down menu.
Have a great week!
~Your DVIA Team