November 3, 2017
Greetings, DVIA Families!
From Our Principal

Greetings Families!

I have lots to share in my blurb this week, so bear with me!

Da Vinci Science, Design and Communications have begun the move to their new campus at 201 N Douglas in El Segundo! The staff will be spending a few days settling in and then high school classes will resume on November 8th. If you wish to visit the new building, you may do so at the Grand Opening Celebration on December 9th (please note: December, not November 9th). More details can be found HERE. Please also know that while DVIA is a well-loved member of the Da Vinci Schools family, DVIA students and families cannot simply show up and walk around the high school facility. For the safety of all students and staff, it is a closed campus. Thank you!

With the move to the new HS building complete, we would like to re-design our afternoon pick up system (Note: morning drop off will remain the same). Starting THIS Monday, 3:15 afternoon pick up will take place further down our parking lot, in front of the big chain link gate in between the Forum/Multipurpose Room and the old DVS building. If you would like to walk into campus to pick up your child, you may do so at 3:13 pm through the gate. If you are staying in your car for pick up, please follow the car line past the usual pick up and toward the right. You will enter on Aviation and exit on 135th Street. This will help keep cars off of Aviation. We still ask that you drive northbound only in our parking lot during drop off and pick up times. Teachers will walk their students to the pick-up waiting area. If you have a 7th/8th grader who walks home, they will exit campus through the glass door and "check out" with our front office staff. Please email Kaitlin if you would like your 7th/8th grade student to be on the list of students who have permission to walk home.
Please help this run smoothly by having conversations with your student about the plan and if you have multiple children at DVIA, please ask them to wait together after school to cut down on time spent tracking down siblings. Also know that the first few times trying something new can be chaotic. Please be patient with us and with each other. Your kind, specific and helpful feedback is always appreciated! Reach out to Kaitlin with any questions you might have!

We are working hard on creating the second semester enrichment schedule, which you will receive before Thanksgiving Break! Our goal is to have all students registered before Winter Break. We have done a lot of reflecting about how to make enrichment at DVIA more manageable and chaos free for students, parents and staff. Here are some changes you can anticipate:
  • Enrichment will take place from 10:00-2:15 on Wednesdays. This will ensure that the DVIA staff is able to hold staff meetings together, which we haven't been able to accomplish this first semester
  • Classes will be 55 minutes each
  • To simplify the day for our youngest learners, kindergarten through 2nd grade students will select from a variety of "playlists." A playlist will be a series of two morning classes and/or two afternoon classes that take place in the same room
  • Wednesday enrichment will still take place from January 22nd until April 27th
  • We will offer continue to offer afternoon enrichment club but need to secure a minimum participation of 10 students to keep the class open
As you likely know, DVIA has a particular philosophy about striking the right balance between using assessment data (such as the MAP tests, DRA reading assessments and state tests) as one pinpoint among many on the radar to help us know more about our learners. We do not emphasize state testing by "teaching to the test" or advertising our scores as a measure of our success. However, as a publicly-funded school, we must participate in state testing and we must reach the mandatory participation rates so as not to jeopardize our charter or our good standing with the state. We do not teach to state tests, but we do implement them with fidelity and we ensure students feel comfortable taking the tests by creating a supportive and low-pressure environment.

I do know, however, that families and staff want reassurance that what we do together supports students learning! While tests may not be the "end all be all" as a yardstick for success, it does give us a moment-in-time snapshot of progress being made. So with that being said, I'm pleased to share the following:
  • State-wide, in English Language Arts, 44-49% of students in grades 3-8 reached proficiency. At DVIA, 61-80% of students reached proficiency!
  • State-wide, in math, 34-47% of students in grades 3-8 reached proficiency. At DVIA, 54-68% of students reached proficiency.
  • In both ELA and math, DVIA students out-performed most of our local 5-day classroom based programs.
  • When looking at growth from year to year, DVIA students have progressed in ELA and math as follows:
    • Last year's 5th graders went from an average of 63% proficient in 2015 to 72% in 2017 in ELA and from 48 to 56% in math.
    • Last year's 6th graders went from an average of 62% proficient in 2015 to 80% in 2017 in ELA and from 41 to 62% in math.
    • Last year's 7th graders went from an average of 55% proficient in 2015 to 61% in 2017 and from 42 to 54% in math.
    • Last year's 8th graders went from an average of 57% proficient in 2015 to 78% in 2017 and from 38 to 68% in math.
    • Overall, DVIA students have grown in proficiency throughout grades 3-8 by more than 10% in each subject.
So families, please rest assured that your hard work with your children is yielding excellent results. Your kiddos are competent, confident and remarkable individuals! Thank you for embarking on this journey with us! You should have received a mailed copy of your child's state test scores from DVIA or his/her previous school. Only students in grades 3-8 and 11 test each year.

Thank you!
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What You Need to Know This Week

Yearbook Discount
This month only! Offer ends November 30th
DVIA's yearbook enrichment class is working hard with their teacher, DVIA parent Tina Brogi, to create our yearbook! Have you purchased yours yet? For a limited time, the discount extended at the beginning of the year is available again! Purchase yours today! See FLYER HERE.

Candy on Campus and Birthday Reminders
While we know that Halloween was fun and full of treats, we'd like to ask that Halloween candy is reserved for an at-home treat. Thank you for helping us ensure students are best able to learn by avoiding sugary treats at school. Also, as a reminder, part of our birthday policy includes refraining from bringing food treats to class. Please see page 25 of our Family Handbook. Thank You!

Page to Stage Musical Theater Preview Night!

Thursday, Nov. 9, 6-7:30 pm

Our Musical Theater enrichment class for 4th-8th grade students will be showcasing original songs and stories from the musical production they are preparing for the spring. They need an audience to perform for! RSVP here.

Veterans Day Holiday
Friday, Nov. 10
No school, homeschool, or enrichment.

Save the Date
Don't Forget
Last Day of Fall Enrichment
Friday, Nov. 17
We've enjoyed learning with your children!
Thanksgiving Break
Monday, Nov. 20-Friday, Nov. 24
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy this time with your families! No School or homeschool.
DVIA Holiday Boutique: **DATE CHANGE**
Saturday, Dec. 2, 11:30-3:30 pm
Please note: The DVIA FAN Holiday Boutique has been moved to Dec. 2nd in order to collaborate with Da Vinci Science's Holiday Boutique and to avoid conflict with the High School Grand Opening celebration!

Attention crafters, business owners, and budding entrepreneurs! New this year: DVIA's first Holiday Boutique! Event space is open to both adults and students. Space rental is $25 for adults and $10 for DVIA students. Sign up here if you are interested. Please contact for more information. Deadline to register is November 18.

December 14th and 15th, 5:00-6:30pm
Exhibition is a mandatory event for all DVIA students! It is an opportunity for them to "show what they know" to families, classmates and visitors.

Be Active in FAN!
FAN events help support our students and our school with connection and learning. Now is a great time to get involved and sign up to help a support team for one of the amazing FAN events being planned for the year. There are opportunities that can match your availability and the amount of time you have to give. Go to Year-Round FAN Volunteers for a list of upcoming events and opportunities to share your ideas and talents!
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Have a great week!
~Your DVIA Team