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January 18

Da Vinci
Innovation Academy

13500 Aviation Blvd.
Michelle Rainey

Tyler Phipps
Dean of Students

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Greetings DVIA Families!

A Few Words From Our Director

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend!

Forgive me for bringing up an unpleasant topic, but perhaps with some prevention, we can beat the bugs! It was around this time during the past 2 years that small lice outbreaks occurred. Let's see if we can beat those pesky insects this year! Fortunately, since our students don't come to campus every day, we have been able to avoid massive outbreaks.

Please be diligent over the coming months about checking your child's hair regularly (particularly around the nape of the neck and around the ears), spraying it with tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil or other "preventive products," and please consider keeping long hair in pony tails or braids. Should your family discover lice, please do the following:
-don't be embarrassed...everyone is susceptible
-immediately alert us (email or call the front office) so that we can help monitor the situation
-treat the entire family (many incidents re-occur because families only treat the children or a particular child)
-continue treating and meticulously inspecting for eggs (nits) or live lice for 3 weeks. All it takes is one missed egg for the cycle to start all over again. Lice don't need a mate to hatch more eggs so a single baby can grow and start the cycle again.
-please remind children not to share hats, scarves and pillows/cushions/stuffed animals (if they go near their heads)

There are no cases of lice at this point so please don't fret. But February seems to be our magic month so I figured a preventative alert now may save us all some time.

Have a great week!
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Tyler's Two Cents

tyler two cents Families,

As many of you have seen in our display by the chalkboard door, our new shirts are finally in!! The office has created a link with details regarding pre-ordering and pick-up.

Shirts are available in all shapes and sizes for $10 per shirt. Please consider purchasing one color or both new colors as these shirts will not only add some lively color and school spirit to campus, but proceeds will also help us continue to have funds for future school events. Thanks again to Cordula Allen for creating our new unique design and for all of you who voted at Exhibition for new colors.

Thanks and have a great week!

What you need to know this week:

No School, Homeschool or Enrichment
Mon, 1/19
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Mon, 1/19
Please join us on Martin Luther King Jr. Day for our yearly LACMA field trip. We will leave campus at 10:30 and will be coming back at 5:00 pm. Adults and children will be given a free day pass. Please bring your own lunch. Hope to see you on the bus! EVERYBODY WELCOME!!!

Off-Site Workshop - Technology & Your Kids
Tues, 1/20 | 7-9 pm | WPNS | 7300 Manchester Ave, Westchester
Jane Walker, Director of the San Marino Community Preschool will share what she has learned as both an educator and a parent about technology and kids. She will sort through myths and discuss guidelines, including distinguishing between passive and informational uses of tech.

Attention 8th Grade Families!
Wed, 1/28 | 3-4 pm
Please attend the DV High School info meeting for DVIA parents and students. This event is exclusively for the DVIA community. Please also sign up to shadow at the three DV high schools. Get more info here. Please note that although all shadow dates are full at DV Science, Febuary 4th has been added for DVIA only. Please be sure to follow the directions under "Shadow Days" to secure your child's visit.

Distance Learning Opportunity - Antarctica Webinar
Wed, 1/21 | 10 am
TIME For Kids travels to Antarctica! In this special webinar, science teacher and National Science Foundation penguin researcher Jean Pennycook will broadcast live from the icy continent where she'll report on her research and experience in the field. She will also answer questions from students and teachers during her presentation. Reserve your spot on the call here. See more Antarctica learning resources on the TIME for Kids website.

Get SMART (Science, Math, Art)
Wed, 1/21 | 5-7 pm
Join us for this family event with Beau Janzen, a visual effects artist and math educator who works to inspire students and families by showing them the power of mathematics as a practical and creative tool. He will take us on a journey of understanding Stereoscopy and 3-D movies, merging ideas from projective geometry, Renaissance painting, color theory, the physics of optics and more.

Writing Protocols With Patrick
Thurs, 1/22 & Fri, 1/23 | 3:20 to 4:15 pm
Patrick will share simple strategies to use at home to enhance and simplify your writing instruction. Appropriate for all Core levels.

Parent Educator ID Cards
If you had your picture taken on Picture Day for a Parent Educator ID Card, you can pick up your card at the front office, starting Thurs, 1/22.

New T-Shirts
Pick-Up Thurs, 1/22 & Fri, 1/23
It's time to drench our campus in some lime and sapphire blue! Our new t-shirts are coming! Pre-order using this link and pick up at the end of the week. Shirts are $10 and come in both youth and adult sizes.

Attention Patrick's Core 2 Families
Our next FAN-sponsored Pizza Lunch for our students will be on Thursday Jan 29th and Friday Jan 30th! Each month, a different classroom hosts the pizza lunch and provides the drinks, paper goods and volunteers.

This month, we're asking all of Patrick's Core 2 families to help out. Use this link to volunteer time and/or supplies.

Happily Family Module 4 Is Available =-)
Covering the topic of Compassionate Conflict Resolution, Module 4 will teach you the two reasons why people experience anger and help you create a plan with your children to calm themselves when they are having big feelings. You'll also learn what to do when kids hurt each other, and four things to do to solve any conflict in your family. Get access here.

Coming up! Mark your calendars

Doughnuts With The Director
Tues, 1/27 & Thurs, 1/29 | After drop off in the Inno Lab
OK, the goodies may or may not look like the picture, but you can count on the Director looking like the photo at the top of the page. Come hang out and chat with her and fellow parents about anything that's on your mind.

Pizza Day!
Thurs, 1/29 & Frid, 1/30
Our students LOVE pizza day, and these lunches are also an easy way to raise funds for DVIA! THANKS in advance for all of your support - we cannot do it without you! If you have any questions, M/Th families can email Kristie Zurek and T/Fr families can email Jennifer Johnson.

Parent Educator Conference #3
Wed, 2/11 | 9 am - 2:30 pm | Hawthorne Mem Ctr
See you there!

Have a great week!
Your DVIA Team
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