March 12th

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Greetings, DVIA Families!
A Few Words from Our Principal
Greetings Families!

I am happy to introduce to you a new member of the DVIA team, Jennifer Francy. Jennifer is teaching Robin's students while Robin is on maternity leave. She is excited to be with us and we are grateful our students can be in such good hands while Robin is on maternity leave. Jennifer comes to us with 8 years of teaching experience in Georgia. Stop by and welcome Jennifer if you get a chance :)

I also want to express my gratitude to the 34 DVIAfamilies who went to Wishtoyo on Wednesday and Thursday. Wishtoyo is a Chumash Native American Village in Malibu. It is a beautiful, special and rejuvenating place and DVIA has been fortunate to visit three times. This particular visit was initiated by Rita's 5th grade class and she was joined by families from various cores/grade levels from both the Hybrid and Collaborative programs. While there, I was reminded about what an amazing community, family and village DVIA is. So often in our modern society, we lack a "village" beyond our immediate family to help ground us and raise our children. As I watched my daughters wander off with other parents and children, to the beach, the creek or just off on a walk, as children played till dusk on Wednesday and at dawn on Thursday, as we stood around the fire and sang or roasted marshmallows, as
we shared food and
equipment, I was reminded of why I love our school so much. We have become a community, an extended
family, with similar visions, core values, and a caring for one another. I feel so grateful for all of you and hope that year after year we continue to find ways to come together in such special ways. (Thank you to DVIA parent Ron Borolla for the
beautiful photos! To learn more about Wishtoyo, visit here. You can also check out more of our adventure on Wishtoyo's Facebook Page).

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From Our Dean of Students

This week, as part of their project, Core 2 teacher Patrick had visitors from UCLA's Project Brainstorm visit campus and share with our students all about the brain! Kiddos participated in simulations, inquiry discussions, and were also able to look at and touch real brains! You can learn more about Project Brainstorm here.

I also wanted to share a resource that stumbled into my inbox from the Obama Foundation! The Foundation is working on an ongoing citizenship project and asking for personal stories! The nature of this project feels close to home in our efforts to continue building an ever growing compassionate, inclusive and supportive community here at DVIA, so I thought I'd share in case this is of interest to you and your family as a home-school activity/experience. Look here to learn more.
What You Need to Know This Week!

Be sure to check out the Cardboard Challenge
blurb below (under Save the Date) to ensure your child has time for his/her invention! We held this event a few years ago and it was AWESOME. You don't want to miss it!

8th Grade Beach Photo
Wednesday, March 15, 3:00pm
Under Manhattan Beach Pier
Attention 8th grade families! Our 8th graders have an opportunity to take 8th grade photos with our photographer, Stacee Lianna! This is a running tradition that results in some pretty special memories captured. :)
Please arrange travel for your student, and plan to arrive by 2:50pm in order to ensure your child is in the group shot.See e-mail from Kaitlin for more information.

Pre-Order DVIA yearbooks!
Did you know that DVIA's yearbook is made during enrichment (yearbook class) by a group of 22 DVIA students representing cores 3-5!?!? Although it is created through our enrichment program, it represents all DVIA students, not just those who participate in enrichment! Pre-order a DVIA yearbook for your student(s)! See the attached flyer for more info. The pre-order deadline is March 24th!

Common Sense Teen Panel
Wednesday, March 15, 7pm @ Willows Community School
Why do kids love social media? How do apps like Instagram and Snapchat function in the current teen landscape? You are invited to a free ADULTS ONLY event at The Willows Community School to help answer these questions. Teens from the Common Sense LA Council and Willows alumni currently in high school will share their experiences with social media, offering hard-earned advice on how to manage the digital landscape of middle and high school. Click here to see the event flyer. Register here.

Femineers! Attention 3rd-8th grade girls!
Da Vinci Science's Society for Women Engineers (SWE) has organized an awesome program aimed at engaging 3rd-8th grade girls in STEM-related learning and fun! They've had 2 years of successful meetings and put on a great program. Many DVIA students participate and have a great time. The Femineers are creating a new after-school mentoring program and they want you to follow them here for more info.

UCLA Stress Study
Da Vinci Innovation Academy has partnered with UCLA scientists to test whether a new computer program can help kids and teens better manage stress. This program has previously been tested with youth experiencing high levels of stress, and we now want to see whether it might also be helpful in building resilience and managing stress for ALL kids and teens. We hope that once this research is completed, the findings will benefit families, schools, and the community. We are looking for kids and teens ages 10 to 17 to participate. All research activities occur at Da Vinci Innovation Academy. If you are interested in learning more, please email Michelle Rozenman, PhD, at or call (310) 794-2215.

Save the Date!

DVIA FAN Event: Cardboard Carnival Challenge!
Saturday, March 25, 12:30-4pm
Join the DVIA family at the Cardboard Challenge! This event promotes creativity and imagination among everyone involved--bring your pre-made cardboard arcade game or come ready to build. To volunteer and/or donate, sign up here. Check out this site for math & writing worksheets to incorporate this challenge into your homeschool day.

The Art of Understanding and Repairing Our Differences: How to Have Difficult Conversations using Emotional Intelligence
Tuesday, April 18, 7pm
Marc Brackett, PhD, and Robin Stern, Associate Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, will be speaking at The Willows Community School. Click here to see a flyer for the event. Register here.

Please note: Short Work Journal Period!
Due April 4 @ 4:15pm
Attention families--we want to makes sure you notice that this work journal period is a short one! We aren't doing this to aggravate you! The state has very strict guidelines about what is called "P2," the second period of time that schools are given to collect attendance documentation (work journals). We have to end this work journal period in time to collect, analyze and record attendance so that we can collect every possible day of attendance which is used to determine our budget next year. Thank you for your hard work!

DVIA FAN Science Fair!
Saturday, April 22, 1-3pm
Mark your calendars & start brainstorming for DVIA's first Science Fair! To participate, sign up here.
Did You Know...
...there is a "New Families FAQ" on the "Resources" menu of the parent educator resource website? If you're new, go check it out!

Have a great week!
~ Your DVIA Team