April 3rd

Da Vinci
Innovation Academy

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Michelle Rainey,

Kaitlin O'Melveny Toon,
Dean of Students

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Greetings DVIA Families!

A Few Words From Our Principal

Hello Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed some rest and time with family over spring break! I sure did and I am looking forward to seeing your families this week!

I want to thank you for trusting us to implement the state testing that begins this week in a nurturing way that works for kids. As you know, as a publicly funded charter school, we get to be flexible in many ways but participating in state testing is not one of those. Thank you for helping us reach the required 95% participation rate so that we can remain in good standing with the state. We are grateful that the current tests are less time consuming than in previous years and that we have moved away from scantron bubble sheets! Our teachers are committed to structuring the testing schedule for students in grades 3-8 in a way that minimizes the impact of time spent testing. We feel confident that we have crafted a system that will work for kiddos as they take the state tests and welcome your feedback. Thank you to Kaitlin for her hard work wrangling testing!

Also, please note the very important information below regarding the work journal deadline. The April deadline is extremely tricky for us because we have a very quick turn around to get all work journals processed and information sent to the state so that we can claim your child's attendance. If your work journal is late, we can claim NO ATTENDANCE for your child's work for that entire work journal period, which would significantly impact our budget for next year! Please help by turning in your work journal on time!!!

Lastly, please note the very last blurb about the Talent Showcase coming up! It's going to be awesome!

Thank you for being part of our DVIA family and enjoy your week!
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From Our Dean of Students

Hello Families!

Wow! Exhibition was incredible! I feel so privileged to be able to visit each classroom and experience the learning that is taking place in all spaces on campus. Thank you for experiencing this amazing event with us, and being truly present with our student presenters.
Also, thank you to the 4th-7th grade families who completed the survey regarding Astro and Catalina camp in the Fall! Look for an announcement soon about a parent meeting with more camp information in the coming months!
I hope you relaxed, rejuvenated and had fun over Spring Break! We look forward to seeing you back on campus tomorrow for the first day of state testing for our 3rd through 8th graders. For those families who have kiddos participating in testing, please help your student prepare for the day with a good night's sleep and a protein-filled breakfast, plus a nutritious snack and lunch! :)

Have a great week!
What you need to know this week:

Heads Up! Work Journal #4 Ends on April 11th and is due on April 11th or absolutely no later than 9:30am on April 12th!
We cannot claim your child's attendance if the work journal is turned in later than 9:30am on April 12th!!!
Say what??? Allow us to explain:
  • Our "P2 attendance report" is due by April 15th. P2 is a major reporting period which largely determines our funding.
  • We need to submit our Work Journals with our P2 report and our teachers need time to review the Journals prior to submission.
  • Ending Work Journal #4 on 4/11 allowed us to have 5 Work Journals instead of 6! (We want to do this again next year so please help us by getting them turned in on time!)
Please triple check your Work Journals before turning them in -- confirm that you have all signatures, dates, entries and samples.

We understand that ending a Work Journal and having it due on the same day can present some logistical issues. We will support you by extending the due date to 4/12 at 9:30 AM.

Thank you for helping us stay in compliance and on time with our state reports!

Student-Sponsored Movie Night!
April 8, 5:30-7:15
Attention Core 4 and 5! Core 5 student Rowan Glenn has organized a free screening of the award winning documentary, He Named Me Malala (learn more about the movie here). The movie, which is rated PG-13, will be shown in the Core 4/5 Science classroom. Because of the rating, permission slips MUST be signed for each student attendee. Find the permission slip here. Pizza and lemonade will be available for purchase. Please use this link to let us know how much to order. Free popcorn will be provided, and friends and family are welcome to attend!

Happily Family!
Want more support with Compassionate Communication in your family? Cecilia and Jason Hilkey from Happily Family have lots of resources to share with you online through the Happily Family DVIA website.
Module 2 is now available. This video series is about helping your child to foster a "Growth Mindset". You'll learn how guilt, fear and praise undermine kids' motivation and achievement. And you'll learn how to say things to your child to support their natural desire to do their best.

It only takes a moment to register here.

Already registered? Login here. Email Cecilia and Jason with questions at info@happilyfamily.com.

Curriculum Corner:
Are you looking to refresh your Math work at home? Here are a few websites to check out:

Mark your calendar! Coming up soon:

Fine Motor Skills Development Training Opportunity
Tues, April 12th | 5-6:30 pm
Taught by an Occupational Therapist, this presentation promises strategies to improve hand strength and handwriting skills. Click the photo for more details, including the off-site address and RSVP info.

Student Talent Showcase--Creative, Visual, Digital, Culinary & Performing Arts!
Sat. April 23rd, 4:30-7:30pm
Does your child have a talent? Stage performance, creative/artistic talent, digital abilities, culinary talent, any talent!!! We want your child to share his/her skills at our annual Talent Showcase! Please use the following sign ups:

Have a great week!
~Your DVIA Team

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