April 3rd

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Michelle Rainey,

Kaitlin O'Melveny Toon,
Dean of Students

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Summer Camp @ DVIA!!!

DVIA is excited to announce our Summer 2016 camp options! We hope your kiddos will join us!

The CAMP FLYER is here and it explains what you need to know.

You might be wondering how we determined our summer camp themes. We asked all students to vote for camp themes given 14 options. We were able to use that information to design 4 camps featuring their top 6 choices! All camps are run by DVIA staff members at the DVIA campus and will be FUN, FUN, FUN!

Please reserve your spot ASAP at the DVIA front desk.

Summer School Info:
You may be wondering about summer school so a quick note on that: Each year we analyze our budget and needs to determine if summer school is feasible (summer school is something we offer but is not mandatory for schools to provide). We are happy to announce that we will be providing 3 weeks (half days) of academic summer school (different from summer camp). Summer school recommendations are made by teachers and families will be notified in the near future about whether summer school is recommended for their child. Summer school curriculum is more intervention style in order to address academic reinforcement and/or gaps.

Some dates:
Summer Camp: June 13-July 8 (4 differently weekly sessions), afternoons only except full days July 5-8
Summer School: June 13-July 1, mornings only

Thank you!
~Your DVIA Team

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