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Updates From Your Principal


Michelle Greetings DVIA Families,   


I hope you are enjoying the summer weather and time with family and friends.  Things are winding down at DVIA as we finish academic summer school and summer camp.  In this mid-summer newsletter, I wish to share some information that will help you plan for the fall. 


Before I do, let me take a moment to tell you how truly honored and excited I am to serve our school and support our continuing journey on the innovative path we embarked on together two years ago.  In Year 3, you will see some changes, many things the same, and a continued commitment to excellence in education for your children. 


Thank you for your warm welcome and support as I embrace this new role, for your flexibility as we continue to "do things differently" at Da Vinci, and for your involvement in the education of all of our children. 


On a personal note, I'd like to share with you that I have two daughters enrolled at DVIA (Emily, Core 2, and Hannah, Core 1), a patient and loving husband, Rob, and a menagerie of animals including an Alaskan Malamute named Chinook, two cats (Callie and Baxter), two bunnies (Summer and Blaze) you can find in Melissa's Core 3 room, and a tank full of colorful fish.  I am a second degree brown belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and I love reading, making my own jewelry, organizing my house, and I truly love my job!  I welcome you in my office at any time and only ask that you show patience and understanding as I learn this new role and balance all of the responsibilities that life offers.  My email address is mrainey@davincischools.org and I look forward to collaborating with each of you.   


Enjoy the rest of your summer and see all of you in August! 



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In this issue of our newsletter:

  • Important Information & News:
    • A Note from the Office: Closed for July
    • Family Work Day:  August 10
    • First Day of School/Jump Start  August 19 OR 20
    • Elective/Enrichment Program Wednesdays! 
    • New Staff
    • Curriculum Resources
    • Your Child's School Day
    • Dress Code Reminder
  • Get Involved!
    • Staff Retreat...Can You Help?
    • Got an App for That? 
    • Connect with the Yahoo! Group
  • Stay Connected!


A Note from the Office 

The DVIA office is closed for the summer and will reopen on August 5th.  All 2012-2013 returning families should have received a re-enrollment packet in the mail last week.  Enclosed you will find the 1st semester Independent

Study Enrollment Agreement, the 2013 Handbook Agreement and the 2013 Family Commitment Agreement. These documents are due back to the office on August 5th.  Please be sure to have your student sign wherever necessary.  Contact Brianne Allen with questions. 


All new families turned in the above-mentioned documents during April registration and will receive an e-mail with a link to our online registration site in their primary e-mail account in August. This online registration must be completed before your student can attend school.  If your e-mail has changed or you wish to update/confirm your primary contact, please send the appropriate information to Brianne.



Family Work Day - August 10

Save the Date!  Please join us for Family Work Day on August 10th from 9am-3pm.  This is a great way to meet other Da Vinci families and help us get campus ready for students!  An  invitation will be sent out via Sign-Up Genius in early August.  Hope to see you there! 


First Day of School and Jump Start Day 1 - August 19 OR 20, 9:00am-3:15pm

This year we will be combining the First Day of School with Jump Start Day 1
Please plan for August 19th (Monday/Thursday cohort) or August 20th (Tuesday/Friday cohort) to be your child's first day of school AND your day as a parent educator to meet with your child's teacher, attend workshops, connect with other parent educators, receive critical information, and make new friendsAttendance at Jump Start is mandatory!    
In the past, parent educators have attended two Jump Start days back-to-back before the first day of school.  We have decided this year, for your convenience, to break up those two days and combine Jump Start Day 1 with the first day of school.  

Jump Start Day 2 will take place on Wednesday, September 18th, 9am-3pm.
Please mark your calendars and plan to attend! 


Elective/Enrichment Program - Wednesdays!
Thank you for all of your feedback about DVIA's Elective Program in the 2012-2013 Spring survey. We have carefully considered your feedback and are excited to announce the following:  
This year, DVIA's Enrichment Program* will take place on Wednesdays. We are still in negotiations regarding the facility but are committing to Wednesdays, which will give the cohorts increased opportunity to mingle while saving on rent fees. Additionally, we are increasing the number of weeks enrichment classes are offered (from 25 to 29 weeks over the course of the year).  Classes will begin Wednesday, September 11th. Lastly, we will be repeating last year's configuration of one free block of classes and the option to purchase a second (or third!) block as well as after-school options.  Thank you for that feedback! More information will be coming in early August but we wanted to share the Wednesday news and start date with you for planning purposes.
*We are changing the name "Elective Program" to "Enrichment Program" so as not to confuse it with the on-campus elective classes within the school day. 
New Staff! 
I am excited to announce that we have two new and fabulous teachers at DVIA, Robin Brown and Patrick Garland, both of whom will teach Core 2.  They each come recommended by DVIA staff and parents and participated in our rather rigorous hiring symposium.  Additionally, you'll see a new face around the office come August.  Lynne Yoon is joining our team and brings Da Vinci experience and an enthusiasm for DVIA.  Welcome Robin, Patrick and Lynne! 

Curriculum Resources

When we return in August, one of our priorities is to develop a system for distributing all of the curriculum resources you ordered during the end-of-year Curriculum Fair.  Stay tuned for details!  We would love to have help from approximately 10 people so that we can distribute in the most effective manner possible.  Please email Janette Kiso, Educational Support Specialist, and use the subject line "Help distributing curriculum resources" if you are interested in volunteering.  Thank you! 


For newly enrolled families who did not attend the Curriculum Fair in May, we will be holding a similar event in August so that all of you have an opportunity to order your materials right away! 



Your Child's School Day

We have received questions from families about whether the school day next year will look significantly different.  The answer is no, and here's more: 

  • School will still start at 9:15am and end at 3:15pm. 
  • We will offer valet services from 8:55-9:15am and 3:15-3:30pm. 
  • Cores 1-3 will have Art electives within the school day one day per week as well as Social Skills with Jose. 
  • Cores 4 and 5 will experience a few changes in that Korey Hlaudy is being added as a Core teacher and will deliver math instruction each day to all students in both cores.
  • Cores 4 and 5 will now have an elective class within their school day at least once per week.  More details coming soon.  


Dress Code Reminder

Before you do your back-to-school clothes shopping, a friendly reminder that the DVIA dress code specifies polo-style shirts or DVIA tshirts only (not just a "collared shirt").  Additionally, pants must be in good condition (no holes/rips/fraying) and shoes must be close-toed.  More information can be found in the updated DVIA handbook, which will be posted on the resource website next week. 



Get Involved! 


Staff Retreat...Can You Help? 

Each year the DVIA staff has kicked off our August Professional Development time with a mini staff retreat.  This gives the team an opportunity to bond while diving into our work together.  Last year, the Wakefield Family generously provided their time-share in Palm Springs (Thank you Wakefields!).  If you have a time-share or other resource that our staff could use from August 1st-3rd, please contact Michelle.  Thank you!   



Got an App for That? 

Have you ever wished that you could pull up an app on your smartphone or tablet that would give you easy access to DVIA info (calendars, events, etc.)?  We hear you!  We know that you want to be able to retrieve school-related information quickly and easily. We are forming a community team to explore the possibility of a DVIA app. If you are interested in having input into the contents of a DVIA app or would be able and willing to create one, please contact Janette.



Connect with the Yahoo! Group

Until all families have completed the registration process and signed off on the contact information they wish to share with other families in a community roster, we ask that you connect with one another via the Yahoo! Group, which is moderated by a DVIA parent.  Please join, share resources, and organize playdates. 


Other Ways to Get Involved

If you have any questions about volunteering for events, reach out to Nancy Slupski.


If you would like to help out regularly on campus, please email Brianne Allen in the DVIA office.


If you would like to suggest a workshop topic or volunteer to teach or co-teach a workshop to fellow parent educators, please reach out to Janette Kiso.

Stay Connected!

To make sure you don't miss any news or opportunities, please join us through these following social media avenues:


DVIA's Yahoo Group 

 DVIA on Facebook