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Updates From Your Principal



Hello Da Vinci Families,   


Our teachers arrived back at school and we continue to work hard preparing for the coming school year.


This year there are four new teacher faces that you will see at Da Vinci and it is with much joy and excitement that I welcome Mahmoud Bahrani, Mellisa Bartley, Ashley Scott and Kelly Ann Wallace to our Da Vinci Family!  To see a complete list of teachers, assignments and their pictures, please click here.


In this issue of our newsletter

  • Jump Start August 20th and 21st 
  • Electives
  • Carpooling
  • Help needed - Saturday, August 11th   
  • Looking back and looking ahead
    • Teaching Resources and Curriculum
    • Da Vinci Shirts for Sales



Dr. Nicole Tempel Assisi 




Parent Jump Start Days 

Monday & Tuesday, August 20 and 21 | 10 am - 3 pm


In order to best prepare for this year and make everyone's experience even more successful, we request your presence at our Jump Start meeting. During this time you will learn about CPM and CGI math, receive training in readers writer workshop, receive your first learning plan for the new school year, and much more! If you cannot attend, you will need to attend a makeup meeting to receive the information and items provided at the training. These workshops are an integral part of our success as a learning community, so please mark your calendars. 


Many of you have asked about whether we will provide child care. We are not licensed for child care and do not have the capacity to do so right now. In an effort to help you plan your calendars and make your life work, we have reached out to some people who are interested in providing you with this service for Aug 20-21, our Jump Start Days. Here are a couple of ideas and leads for you:

1. Art Zone for kids ages 3-9
Monday drop off at 9:30 am and pick up at 2 pm.
Tuesday is 1 pm - 5 pm
Each day costs $40.50
To sign up contact Laura Krug at 310-318-6011


2. AdventurePlex for children ages 4-12
9 am to 4 pm on Monday and Tuesday. Cost: $50
Monday agenda: AdventurePlex rotations
Tuesday agenda: Beach Day
Registration forms are available here. For more information, please contact AdventurePlex at 310-546-7708.  



If you know of other places and want to share information with other parents, please post information on our Yahoo Group at DaVinciInnovation@yahoogroups.com.





I know you have lots of questions about electives. We are in the final stages of signing our elective contracts, so here is what I can tell you so far:


1. Electives will be offered by both Da Vinci Teachers and Da Vinci Contractors.


2. There will be 1 location for electives (approx. 1 mile from our current site).


3. Classes will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm.


4. There will also be an option to choose after school classes instead of a class on a 3rd day.


5. We will have options for families to have full day of classes and child care for a nominal fee.


It is our hope to have location and preliminary class information to you within a week and have signups ready for you at our Jump Start workshop.


Actual classes will start the week after Labor Day.


Our Elective Program this year is being developed by Nancy Rosenburg, long time director and coordinator for Manhattan Beach Electives, Summer Program and Extra Curricular activities.  You can reach Nancy at nrosenburg@davincischools.org        





Help Needed



To get our school ready for Day 1, it will take a village. Please join us on Saturday, August 11th between 9 am and 3 pm for some cleaning, painting and socializing fun. Work along side of new and old friends and help make the school amazing. We need your help!







If you are in need of carpool options we now have a resource to help you find and provide a ride. Please click this link www.carpoolworld.com/davinciparents and register with a valid e-mail address. Once you have created your account, you are free to search the site for other people who want to carpool. If you are interested in carpooling with someone, simply send them an e-mail and begin to devise a schedule that is convenient for both of you.





Coming in next issue:

  • Da Vinci Shirts for Sale
  • Wish List  
  • Parent Educator handbook
  • Common Core curriculum planning resources

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