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From Your Principal...


Michelle Greetings DVIA Families,   


Welcome and welcome back! We have been excitedly planning for your arrival next week and look forward to seeing our classrooms and hallways filled with eager learners and explorers. Thank you to so many families for joining us on Family Work Day last Saturday! You all worked so hard cleaning, organizing, decorating and creating fun new spaces for kids to learn and play. I truly appreciate the contributions each of you made to help us kick off the new school year. Most notably, we now have a dual stage and giant chess board for students to enjoy. We can't wait to see the action!


I want to remind you that next Monday and Tuesday are the first days of school as well as Jumpstart for parent educators. Attendance is mandatory at Jumpstart (9:15am-3:15pm) and more details can be found below.


Thank you once again for the honor of serving your family this year...we have an amazing team of educators waiting to teach your kiddos. See you soon!



M_Rainey sig  


Two Cents from Tyler...


tyler two cents After much traveling and partaking in some fine cuisine from various fast food chains across our nation's West Coast, I'm back and super excited for another wonderful year at DVIA.  I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to be more involved with all the Cores in our DVIAfamily.  One secret about me that  I will let you in on from the beginning is that I am not the best with names, so please introduce/reintroduce yourself if we haven't had a lot of direct contact in the past.  As far as school related news, DVIA has been a-buzz with activities around our campus. If you haven't had the chance to come back and visit, let me tell you that things are really looking different around here.  Thanks to the generous donation of supplies, people-power, and goodies, we had an amazing Family Work Day and were collectively able to build some new spaces, redesign others, and further mold this older building into an amazing work/play space for kids.  Speaking of our campus, there is still a lot to do before Jump Start, so I need to sign-off!  I'll be back with more updates to report to you all soon.


Until then......



Dean of Students DVIA



In this issue of our newsletter:
  • Important Information & News:
    • A Note from the Office: First Day of School
    • First Day of School/Jump Start  August 19 OR 20
    • 2013-2014 Enrichment Program
    • Curriculum Distribution
    • New Family Curriculum Fair
    • New Family Meetings with Teachers
    • Cores 4 and 5 Camp Sign-up
    • Dress Code Reminder
    • Opening Social August 27, 5:00-7:00pm
  • Get Involved!
    • FAN News!
    • Connect with the Yahoo! Group
  • Stay Connected!





A Note from the Office... 

Important Information for the Tuesday/Friday Cohort:


DVIA's academic calendar officially begins on August  19th, 2013 for both cohorts so please keep in mind that Monday is considered the first school day.  
Please be sure to start your reading, writing and math 
adventures then! Need inspiration? Ask your child what he or she would like to learn and hit the library, explore some museums and write about your experience, or play math games. Be sure to document what you do, have fun and don't put too much pressure on yourself. 


About your child's first day at DVIA

  • Valet drop-off and pick-up service is available in front of campus every day from 8:55-9:15am and from 3:15-3:30pm. You may also park and walk your child onto campus. On the first day of school, please park at Dana Middle School (located next door on 135th Street). 
  • Please arrive in time to say farewell to your child by 9:15.  Most kiddos do best when there is supportive yet swift departure.  Classrooms will be available for morning transition on the first day of school at 8:45.  After the first week, classrooms become available at 9:05. 
  • Please pack enough food for your child to have a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack! 
  • Be sure to pack a re-fillable water bottle! We have Sparkletts water located throughout campus but we do not supply students with disposable cups. 
  • Please be sure to send your child to school wearing DVIA dress code appropriate attire.  More information is listed below and can be found in the handbook



Important information about Jumpstart:


  • Jumpstart begins promptly at 9:15 in the Forum/Multipurpose Room.
  • Attendance is mandatory!
    Jumpstart is a crucial way for all DVIA Parent Educators (that's YOU!) to connect and re-connect, acquire important information from classroom teachers, gain knowledge surrounding math and literacy practices, receive/order curriculum resources and find out about the Enrichment Program.
  • If you have multiple children at DVIA, you won't be able to be everywhere at once... We suggest that you connect with a friend who can gather information for you to share later or bring another adult to attend workshops you may miss. Additionally, we invite you to attend on both Monday and Tuesday (or parts of your non-cohort day) in order to learn all that you need!
  • The Jumpstart schedule for Monday, August 19th can be previewed here.  The Jumpstart schedule for Tuesday, August 20th can be previewed here.  You will have an opportunity to meet with your child's teacher (students will not be in the room at the time), take literacy and math workshops, learn about the Enrichment (elective) program and receive/order your curriculum. 
  • Please arrange for care for children who won't be in DVIA classrooms (younger siblings, siblings attending schools not in session yet, etc.).  This day is designed to support you as a parent educator. 
  • Parking is available at Dana Middle School on Jumpstart days.  
  • Lunch is provided for parents! We are happily providing you with lunch on this day to ensure you have enough time to connect with fellow parent educators. Enjoy! Lunch will consist of various sandwiches, salads and drinks (vegetarian options available).
  • Water bottles aren't just for kids! Please bring a refillable water bottle so that you can stay hydrated and ready to learn. Kids aren't the only one who have trouble focusing when their body's needs aren't met :0)
  • Curriculum ordered in the spring will be distributed and new families will have the opportunity to place orders. More details below!
  • Families new to DVIA are invited to meet with your child's teacher(s) at 3:30 on Monday and Tuesday for additional information and support!


Jumpstart Day 2 will take place on Wednesday, September 18th, 9am-3pm


Elective*/Enrichment Program
We are super excited to roll out this year's Enrichment Program with many additions and changes that specifically address the needs and wants you expressed in the spring survey last year.  At Jumpstart, you will receive more information and will even have the opportunity to register for classes! 
*As a reminder, we are changing the term "elective" to "enrichment" to differentiate between our elective classes within the school day and the Wednesday and after-school enrichment program. 



Curriculum Distribution

Families who placed their curriculum orders in April will be able to pick up their materials and receive their online access information at Jumpstart. You may pick up materials in the Forum from 8:45-9:15, 12:15-1:00 and 3:15-4:00.



Cores 4 and 5 Camp Sign-Up

We are very excited to announce that Cores 4 and 5 will be going to Astro Camp this year!  Core 4 campers (5th/6th grade) will leave Monday, September 23rd and return Wednesday, September 25th. Core 5 campers (7th /8th grade) will leave Wednesday, September 25th and return Friday, September 27th.  The camp will focus on team-building activities, astronomy, physics, chemistry. Kids are going to have a whole lot of fun!  The cost per camper is $270, all inclusive.  Scholarships and payment plans will be available upon request.  You are welcome to bring payments for camp to Jumpstart as all payments are due by Sept 6th.  If you have any questions about camp, stop by our booth at Jumpstart, attend our parent meeting Wednesday, September 4th at 6:30 pm, or email Tyler at   Our hope is to get every student to camp as it will be an experience that he or she will never forget.   


Dress Code Reminder

Yet another friendly reminder that the DVIA dress code specifies polo-style shirts or DVIA t-shirts only (not just a "collared shirt").  Additionally, pants must be in good condition (no holes/rips/fraying) and shoes must be close-toed.  More information can be found in the updated DVIA handbook, which will be posted on the resource website next week. 


Opening Social August 27, 5:00-7:00pm

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of the year and come together as a community!  We will gather at DVIA and enjoy a few hours together (details about the festivities will be shared by FAN representatives soon).  Hope to see you there! 






New Family Curriculum Fair!
For the 2013-2014 school year, families have the opportunity to choose three curriculum materials (one math, one language arts and a third that can be either language arts, or math) for each of their enrolled DVIA students. An overview of the curricula offered can be found at
New Family Meetings with Teachers
If you are new to DVIA and need more time with your child's teacher after Jumpstart, we invite you to join your child's teacher(s) after school in the classroom so that additional information can be provided and you can take time to ask questions that have emerged throughout the day. All Core teachers will meet with new families at 3:30 on Monday and Tuesday, August 19th and 20th. Children should accompany parents in the classroom.


New Family Registration

If you are a newly enrolled family offered a space for the 2013-2014 year, please be on the lookout for the much anticipated online registration link in your e-mail on August 16th. Please complete this registration before arriving at school on Monday or Tuesday. It should take about 10-15 minutes. Returning families do not need to complete this registration. If you have any questions or technical difficulty reach out to Brianne Allen at


Get Involved! 


FAN News

THANK YOU to all of the families that supported the Family Work Day last weekend!  DVIA's Family Action Network (FAN) is excited to kick off the 2013-2014 school year with our annual Opening Social on Tuesday, August 27th from 5-7 pm, so mark your calendar!  Be on the lookout for more details on this event as well as sign-ups for all of the great opportunities to support our wonderful DVIA community! Here's a quick preview of key dates:


Opening Social - August 27th, 5:00-7:00pm

Monthly Pizza Lunches - kick off Sept 26th and 27th

Movie Night - October 25th

Spirit Days - beginning in October

Winter Jubilee - January 28th

Talent Show - March 7th

Scholastic Book Fair - Week of April 7th

End of Year Social - May 16th


In addition to the above, we will also need volunteers to help with on-going needs on campus such as the Scholastic Book Club, Da Vinci's Annual Giving Campaign, Spring Adult Social, and contributions to DVIA's resource site (, just to name a few!  Volunteer opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and our school thrives when all families get involved...THANKS in advance for all of your support!!



Connect with the Yahoo! Group

Until all families have completed the registration process and signed off on the contact information they wish to share with other families in a community roster, we ask that you connect with one another via the

Yahoo! Group, which is moderated by a DVIA parent.  Please join, share resources, and organize playdates. 


Other Ways to Get Involved

If you have any questions about volunteering for events, reach out to Nancy Slupski.


If you would like to volunteer regularly on campus, please email Brianne Allen in the DVIA office.


If you would like to suggest a workshop topic or volunteer to teach or co-teach a workshop to fellow parent educators, please reach out to Janette Kiso.
Stay Connected!

To make sure you don't miss any news or opportunities, please join us through these following social media avenues:


DVIA's Yahoo Group 

 DVIA on Facebook