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Updates From Your Principal



Hello Da Vinci Families,   


What an amazing first week of school! It has been a delight to meet our new families and reconnect with those of you who were here last year!


Some great projects have already kicked off and I can hardly wait until Exhibition (don't worry, it is not until November!).


To make sure you don't miss any news or opportunities, please join us through these following social media avenues:

We are so honored to work with such wonderful students and families and can't wait to see the 2012-2013 year unfold. 



In this issue of our newsletter:

  • School Events: Pizza Lunch is back
  • Important Information and News: Elective Sign-ups
  • Parent Resource Site: Tips and Reminders
  • Other: Core 4 and 5 Camp  
  • Reminders
  • How to Get Involved




Dr. Nicole Tempel Assisi 




School Events


Pizza Lunch 

Thursday, Aug. 30th and Friday, Aug. 31st

This Thursday and Friday we are having our first monthly parent-organized-and-sponsored Pizza Lunch FUNraiser. Save yourself the trouble of packing a lunch for your child that day and instead let them buy a hot lunch and SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL at the same time. One slice of pizza and a small fruit will cost $3. A beverage (either milk or fruit juice) can be purchased for just $1.  For students in Cores 1 & 2, please send cash in an envelope with your child's name inside their lunch box on Thursday/Friday, so teachers can help students manage the purchase.  All proceeds will go towards future DVIA events. 


Also, don't forget to pack snacks for the morning and afternoon!     


Looking Ahead


Back to School Night

September 19, 6-7:30 pm


1st Quarterly FAN  Meeting 

September 19, 7:30-8:15 pm  


Exhibition #1:

November 6 & 8, 5:00-7:00 pm


Family Jubilee
December 19, 6:00-8:00 pm




Important Information and News


Elective Sign-ups


It's time for electives! We are excited to offer electives on Tuesdays and Thursdays at AdventurePlex on your child's off-site day and at DVIA on your on-site day. The link to sign up for electives can be found below!  


***If your child is at DVIA on Monday and Thursday, he/she can take electives at AdventurePlex on Tuesdays and/or after school on Thursdays.


***If your child is at DVIA on Tuesday and Friday, he/she can take electives at AdventurePlex on Thursdays and/or after school on Tuesdays.


Each block of electives is intentionally designed to offer two sessions; one is academic and the other is extra-curricular based. Whether your child has an academic or extra-curricular session first will depend on which core he or she is in. It is not mandatory to attend both sessions.


DVIA is happily providing one block of electives to you free of charge! If you would like your child to participate in a second or third block of electives, there is a charge of $250 per block for the entire semester. 


Please refer to the flyers sent home this week Tuesday and Thursday for class offerings.  Additionally, please use the link below, which will be active on Thursday, August 30th at 5pm: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/dviaelectives 


Questions? Please contact Nancy Rosenburg at nrosenburg@davincischools.org




Parent Resource Site: Tips and Reminders


The good news is that the resource site (www.davincik8.org) has a great deal to offer Da Vinci Families. However, in the early weeks of school there is a fair amount to wrap your mind around. So, to get you off to a good start, we would like to offer you the following hints:


1. Be sure to check out the Calendar on the resource site. If you make it a daily stop, you will not only be sure not to miss anything, but you will get in the habit of including the resource site as an integral part of your homeschool support.


2. As you hear more about essential skills and the Common Core Standards, you may find it very helpful to go to the Learning Goals sidebar located in the Instructional Support section. Here, you will find everything nicely broken down into more digestible pieces, including examples. This can help you plan some of your homeschool time.


3. If you are unsure what type of learner your child is, there are links, also located in Instructional Support, to learning style assessments. Learning tends to be more enjoyable and productive when following your child's learning style.


4.  A final tip:  Fill out your Parent Work Journals as you go. It makes it a breeze at the end of the month. Conversely, telling yourself you will remember, only to find yourself at the end of the month trying to pull all the work samples and descriptions of a month's worth of work together, means much more time and effort.


We will continue to give you a few new hints in subsequent newsletters to help you become more familiar with the site. If you have resources you would like to share or a suggestion for making the resource site more valuable to the DVIA community, please email Lisa Grady at lisa.grady7@gmail.com. Any technical issues can be addressed to Tasneem Sutarwala at tsutarwala@verizon.net.




Other: Core 4 and 5 Camp


By now, Core 4 and 5 families should have received a brochure with details about the Mountain and Sea Educational Adventures Science Camps. Core 4 students have the opportunity to attend a 3-day adventure in the San Bernardino mountains, and Core 5 kids have the option to explore Catalina Island!   


Although the brochures include payment due dates, we ask that families who are ready commit, please make a partial or full payment as early as possible so that we can secure the dates requested.  


If you have any further questions about either of the MSA camping trips, please reach out to our science camp chairperson Kristie Wakefield at kristiewakefield@verizon.net


Thank you Kristie for your on-going support with these events!   


Core 4 - Camp Brochure

Core 5 - Camp Brochure 




  • Don't forget to bring a water bottle every day! 
  • Dress code for school is a polo or a Da Vinci shirt. Further details about the dress code can be found in our handbook: Click here 

Get Involved


As we kick off this new school year, we again want to thank you for all the ways you partner with us to make DVIA a truly wonderful learning community!  At the end of May, some of you signed up for various volunteer opportunities for this year - thank you! FAN council members will contact you in the coming weeks to engage you in the various opportunities. For anyone who missed the signups, the initial signup links are listed below. We will continue to use Signup Genius to post new opportunities.  Please note that volunteer opportunities may shift as we gain greater clarity on actual needs, so thanks in advance your flexibility. There are plenty of service opportunities, so find the one that calls to you! :)  If you have any questions about volunteering for events, feel free to reach out to Nancy Slupski at nancy.slupski@gmail.com.

Additionally, if you have interest in helping out regularly on campus, please contact Laura Glasser at lglasser@davincischools.org.


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