October 11th

Da Vinci
Innovation Academy

13500 Aviation Blvd.
Michelle Rainey,

Kaitlin O'Melveny Toon,
Dean of Students

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Greetings DVIA Families!

A Few Words From Our Director

Hello Everyone!

I hope to see you at our Fall DVIA community event, Family Game Night, on Tuesday 10/13 from 5-7pm! What game will your family bring? I am excited to play some of your favorites and learn a few new games! I'm also looking forward to getting my family's photo taken by Tina Brogi, DVIA parent and photographer. Hope to see you there!

Thank you and enjoy your week!
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A Message From Our Dean of Students

Hi Families!

I hope you are enjoying every bit of the long weekend! Early this week you should receive your student's CAASP scores in the mail from last spring's first official round of state testing. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!
On another note, we have noticed an abundance of trash on campus lately. Please help us keep our campus clean by supporting your students in packing trash-free lunches and snacks! Re-useable containers, washable silverware, cloth napkins, etc. are always helpful! We find ourselves picking up A LOT of the tear-off corners from snack packets and the straw wrappers from juice boxes! Also, if you are on campus and see some trash on the ground, feel free to put it in the trash or recycling bin ;) We try to model this for students as a staff. Thank You!

Have a great week!

What you need to know this week:

Our First Parent Work Journal Is Due!

The end of the reporting period for WJ #1 was Wednesday, October 7th. Completed work journals and student work samples are due in the office no later than Tuesday, October 13th before 4:15 pm. Check with your student's teacher if you have questions about completing your journal.

Family Game Night
Tues, Oct 13th | 5pm to 7 pm
FAN (our Family Action Network) is hosting a Family Game Night. Details will be shared soon. Mark your calendars!

Photo Sessions Available At Family Game Night
Tues, Oct 13th | 5pm @ Family Game Night
DVIA parent and photographer Tina Brogi is offering your family and DVIA an amazing opportunity! Just bring your family to Family Game Night and have a professional photo taken! Photos are $40 prepaid (cash, check or cc in the DVIA front office) or $50 on the night of the event. You will receive digital copies of your photos with two family poses. Tina is generously giving all profits from this event to DVIA!

Core 4-5 Scooter's Jungle Event!
Thursday, October 22nd, 5-8pm
We have arranged our first-ever Core 4-5 only Scooter's Jungle event. We hope your kiddo(s) can be there! We would like to sell out, which means the entire facility is open just to DVIA students! Please purchase your tickets at the front office in advance. Tickets are $10/child and $5/adult. We also need volunteers to donate bake sale items and sell pizza/bake sale food. Please sign up HERE. Thanks and see you there!

Preview of Barnes & Noble's Mini Maker Faire
Thursday, October 15th, 4:30pm
B&N Del Amo is offering an exclusive preview of their mini maker faire this Thursday for educators (including homeschool educators!). Please RSVP to crm2111@bn.com or call 310 370 5636 if you wish to attend. The store address is 21400 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance.

Coming up soon! Mark your calendars

Pizza/Spirit Day will be "Creative Costume" Day
October 29th and 30th
Our next Spirit Day is coming up in a few weeks. We wanted to let you know that students can wear their school appropriate (not too scary or risque!) Halloween costumes to school for Spirit Day, on October 29th/30th. In the past the questions of "Can we wear our Halloween costumes to school?" always comes up around now so we wanted to let you in advance. If you have older children, please remind them that we have students on campus as young as 5 so gory, scary or revealing costumes need to be saved for Halloween night at home. Thank you!

Also, Patrick's class is hosting this month's Pizza Lunch...a sign up will be coming soon. We hope you can help us out by donating drinks or helping us serve!

Have a great week!
~Your DVIA Team

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