October 18th

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Innovation Academy

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Michelle Rainey,

Kaitlin O'Melveny Toon,
Dean of Students

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Greetings DVIA Families!

A Few Words From Our Director

Hello Everyone!

Thank you to parents Tasneem and Lorrie for coordinating Family Game Night last week! It was lovely to see so many of you there! I hope your family played something that inspired a family game night tradition in your home. Here are some ideas to keep the fun going:
  • Arrange a game swap with another family. A solid month with a new game is usually enough to send it off to a closet shelf to hibernate anyway!
  • Put a few games out where they can be easily accessed.
  • Check out this site and this site for inexpensive ideas if you don't have a lot of games already.
  • Search Pinterest for fun variations and free printables!
  • You can also use a game you are familiar with to create your own family version using $1 foam board from the Dollar Store.
I also wish to take a moment to celebrate that you have completed your first Work Journal! I understand the hard work you've put into every moment homeschooling your child(ren) in addition to the time spent archiving that hard work so our auditors will feel confident that together we serve kiddos well. I also know that Work Journal requirements and deadlines can cause some stress. This is true for parents and DVIA teachers alike. It's one of the few areas we just aren't able to be flexible, lackadaisical and carefree! If you are having trouble, please reach out for support. If you are asked to fix some portions of the Work Journal, please know it's so that we can pass our audits (and stay open as a publicly funded school!) and most importantly, so that we have an accurate picture of your child's learning so we can best support and address any concerns. Thank you again for your hard work!

Thank you and enjoy your week!
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A Message From Our Dean of Students

Hi Families!

This week we participated in the Great California Shakeout! While preparing for our earthquake drill, we found a "shakeout spotlight" that highlights how one homeschool family participated in the shakeout and is preparing for emergencies at home. Find the article and other helpful information at this link.

Also, we participated in our first Community Dialogue this week! Ask your kiddos about their "DVIA Family" and what they learned from their 8th grade friends. :)

Have a great week!
What you need to know this week:

Parent Survey
Each year we ask our families to participate in Fall and Spring surveys so that we can hear feedback about our program. If you didn't get a chance during SLCs, please take 10 minutes to complete this survey now. Use this link.

Your feedback really does matter! When leaving comments, please remember to be kind, specific and helpful. Thank you!

Clothing Drive To Benefit The Malala Fund
Drop-Off Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri This Week
Clean out your closets and donate your clothes to benefit the Malala Fund! Bag and bring your gently used clothing to DVIA (please exclude pajamas, under garments, socks, stained/ripped clothing). We will collect bags at morning drop off from 8:45 to 9:15 am. Each bag MUST be marked with your name and email address.

Please pass the bag to us and we will tag and coordinate shipping for all donations. In cooperation with Schoola, 40% of the proceeds from sale of the clothes will go to The Malala Fund, supporting girls' education projects in the most vulnerable communities around the world. Inspired by Malala's example, The Malala Fund works to secure girls' rights to a minimum of 12 years of quality education. For further information, please visit www.malala.org. Every donation helps.

Core 4/5 Scooter's Jungle Event
Thursday, October 22nd, 5-8pm
We have arranged our first-ever Core 4-5 only Scooter's Jungle event and we need more students to attend! If we aren't able to sell enough Core 4-5 tickets we will need to open one of the rooms for cores 1-3 so please purchase your tickets on Monday and Tuesday! We also need volunteers to donate bake sale items and sell pizza/bake sale food. Please sign up HERE. Thanks and see you there!

Coming up soon! Mark your calendars

Pizza Day New Dates!!!
Mon, Oct 26 & Tues, Oct 27
Pizza Day has been changed to Monday, 10/26 & Tuesday, 10/27 to avoid the long pizza lines at Costco for Halloween. Patrick's families are asked to host this month. Hosting means donating drinks and food supplies, picking up pizza and providing parent volunteers. Use this Sign-Up Genius link to volunteer. We thank you and the kids really thank you!

Spirit Day--"Creative Costume" Day
Thurs, Oct 29 & Fri, Oct 30
Our next Spirit Day is coming up in a few weeks. We invite students to wear their school appropriate Halloween costumes on October 29th/30th. If you have older children, please remind them that we have students on campus as young as 5 so gory, scary or revealing costumes need to be saved for Halloween night at home. Thank you!

Have a great week!
~Your DVIA Team

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