Here are some ideas/inspiration to share with your kiddo:

The DVIA Global Cardboard Challenge is an educational and community initiative inspired by the viral short film, ‘Caine’s Arcade’ – widely cited as one of the most inspiring stories of 2012.

Caine’s Arcade 2: Find out how this movie created a movement!

Here are some ways to incorporate the Cardboard Challenge into your learning at home (aka WJ)!

Each of the kits have various printable activities in mathematics & writing. Here are some of the suggestions from the site:

Build Your Own Creation! Activity – Have students build their own arcade game, toy, or creation out of recycled material.  (Example questions – What would you like to make?  What will you need in order to make your creation?  Make a sketch of your creation.) If your students are learning geometry, you can have them use concepts from geometry to build their games.

Pizza Marble Mazes:Activity – Students design and build mazes/labyrinths using pizza boxes and simple materials. Play each others’ games and record the highest scores/fastest times.   (You can use marble mazes to teach teamwork, design, fractions, food groups, nutrition, etc.)

Make Your Own Documentary: Activity – Explain to students what  a documentary is.  Show them the film, and ask them to think about someone or something they would like to make a documentary about.  Have them shoot a mini-documentary by themselves or in groups and have an in-class film festival. (Some questions to ask:  What is a documentary?  Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?  What’s your favorite fiction/non-fiction story/film and why? What makes a story interesting?)

Writing: Have students write an essay about what games they liked most and why. What would they change about the games? What problems did they experience and how did they solve them?

Cardboard Challenge Pinterest Page for Educators: Searching for ideas? Check out what other educators have done around the world