Family Connections: Cultural Fair

Families are invited to our 4th Annual Cultural Fair on June 1st from 5 – 7 PM! There are a few ways to help & participate (sign up HERE)

1. Please bring a dish representing your family’s heritage and enjoy delicious dishes from other parts of the globe! OR Bring a dish representing a country that you have chosen to study!

2. Bring a poster/science board filled with fun facts about a country (the flag, important facts, cultural tips)

3. Bring a short story or folktale about another country.  We will be having a global story-time.

4. Songs? Dances? We would love to learn more about different cultures! Bring something fun to share.

See here for home school project ideas.

Here are some other fun resources that can easily be added to your WJ!

Pinterest Ideas for Country Lap Books & Posters

Country Studies: A great resources with questions & books

Make a travel brochure that details why one should visit this country.  Fold in thirds just like a pamphlet and include it in your lapbook.

Use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast an aspect of your country or culture with the one you are studying.

Country Report Poster

Check out the 2017 Family Dinner Book Club: They offer a monthly book read with ideas for field trips, service projects, art decoration, and food prep for a monthly cultural dinner.