Family Connections: Science Fair

Welcome to DVIA’s Second Annual Science Fair to be held on

Saturday, March 17th from 1 to 3 PM

Click here for the SCIENCE FAIR PACKET

All DVIA students are encouraged to participate!  Students can create and design a science project at home, make a display board and then display it proudly during the Science Fair.  The students bring their display boards to school the day of the event.  At the event, the students will get a chance to see what experiments and activities other DVIA students have completed.

Visit these websites for some ideas: Science Fair Central: “Creative investigations into the real world.” This site provides a complete guide to science fair projects. Check out the ‘Handbook’ which features information from Janice VanCleave, a popular author who provides everything youneed to know for success. You can even send her a question about your project.

Try Science: Science resource for home that gives you labs to try and 400 helpful links all related to science.

Gateway to Educational Materials: Science Fair Projects: The Gateway to Educational Materials extensive and detailed
step-by-step guide to doing a science fair project

Video Series: How to Do a Science Fair Project: These videos from the California Institute of Technology are a great resource for students, featuring a short how-to video for every step of the scientific process. Students will gain insights into how the Institute’s scientists conduct experiments.

Preparing You and Your Child for Science Fair Success from Science Buddies: This is a perfect resource for parents, and provides some great references for guiding your student through the scientific process. A comprehensive project guide is included, as well a list of project ideas in astronomy, music, cooking and food science, and many different subject areas. There’s also a link to Science Buddies’ “Ask an Expert” forum, a great place to turn for answers.