ALL DV Connect families are a part of FAN.

How Can I Participate?

  • Social Events: Show up! When you can, volunteer to help in some way through the event’s Sign-Up Genius (SUG); coordinate an event, maybe bring a dish, spend 45-minutes heading a station, participate in set-up or clean-up. These are free events to create community.
  • Educational Events: Prepare and participate! These are events to fill the work journal and to have fun, such as Movie Nights, Science Showcase, Cultural Fair, Talent Showcase, and Poetry Jam. Sign up to volunteer as coordinator or helper during the event. We are also looking for coordinators to help plan field trips.
  • Fundraising Events & Activities: Participate to the extent you are able so we can support DV Connect activities. This includes Ice Skating Socials and Scooter’s Jungle; and grown-up only activities, such as Comedy Night and Silent Auction Fundraisers. You can volunteer to coordinate these events or provide support as needed.
  • Staff Appreciation: FAN facilitates a week of staff appreciation each spring. We need volunteers to help us put together a special breakfast for our staff members. We need coordinators for each cohort and class to help celebrate our teachers and staff members. In addition, 4 times a year, families volunteer to bring breakfast, lunch or setup a snack bar during their Professional Development (PD) days.
  • Campus Support: We need help throughout the year with Lost & Found Donations, clean-up, Care & Comfort Kits, Recycling, etc.
  • FAN Meetings: Everyone is invited to FAN meetings! Dates for FAN Meetings will be announced in the Newsletter but will typically be held after Parent Educator Conferences (PEC). We look forward to building community with you!

The many ways FAN families can be involved:
There are many ways that FAN families can be involved, some that are event specific (ex. event chairs and helpers) and others that are year round (ex. Newsletter updates to resource site). Signups will be sent out as needed. Please reach out to, if you are interested in learning more about how to get involved.

What do FAN Events Look Like?

Here are some of the signature events that we have had over the years.

  • Cultural Fair: Pick a country and learn about cultural dishes, local games, and more.  At the fair, share the information you learned in multiple ways. This is a great way to step into PBL, as you deep dive into a culture.
  • Science Showcase:  Jump into science world as students showcase their work.  The Science Showcase can cover everything from experiments to famous scientists and discoveries.
  • Student Entrepreneur Day: The time and space for students to learn through real life experience by selling goods and/or services through their own kid created businesses and simultaneously bringing much joy to the community. This experience will have the kids learning and practicing things like brainstorming, problem solving, planning, budgeting, marketing, public speaking, sales, customer service and so much more. An event that truly encompasses all six habits of heart and mind.
  • Film Festival/Movie Nights:  In the past we have screened short films, as well as feature length films to inspire student creativity and media literacy. We have run film making workshops for parents and students and offered opportunities for screening student work. This year we’re going to keep it simple and do family move nights in the winter.
  • Talent Showcase: This is an event full of possibilities. It is fun to think about what special talent your kiddo may want to showcase and then work that preparation into your work journal. Showcasing creative, visual, digital, culinary & performing arts, there are many ways prepping for this event can satisfy math, reading, writing, storymaking.
  • Poetry Jam:  FAN transforms a room into a cafe.  Kids of all ages come up to the mic in a relaxed, encouraging environment to read poetry- some written by them and some written by others.

Visit the FAN Events Calendar 2019-20 page to see all the events lined up for this year.

“FAN”draising: Support Your School Year-Round

  • Do You Know About Amazon Smile??
    Do all of your Amazon shopping through the Smile platform and a portion of your purchase will be donated to DV Conect. Smile is part of Amazon. Even if you start shopping on Amazon, you can switch to Smile and your shopping cart and wishlist from your Amazon account will be accessible. There’s no extra fees, just free money to our school! Use this link: You’ll be asked to choose your charity. DV Connect is listed as Da Vinci Schools. Easy peasy!
  • Can you help us by collect Box Tops for Education? One of our awesome parents, Tina Brogi, collects and sends them in and we raise hundreds of dollars a year, and that’s with very few parents participating. If you can check your cupboards and drop off your box tops in the front office (or even hand them to us at drop-off/pick-up!) that would be awesome! You can find them on so many brands! Also, if you subscribe to the boxtops account, you will automatically give us 5 free box tops!
  • Are You Registered for eScrip?
    When you register for eScrip, DV Connect makes money every time you shop at thousands of online merchants and brick/mortar grocers and drugstores. To sign up, use this link and choose Da Vinci Innovation Academy – Wiseburn as your nonprofit organization. I just got a notification a few days ago that one of my purchases contributed! Visit and enter Wiseburn Educational Fund as your charity.  When you make an amazon purchase, visit this site first. A portion of your purchase will go towards the school!
  • Annual Fundraising Drive
  • Donating time & supplies for events
  • Spending time picking up litter in the front of the school