Year-Long Film Festival

The next installment of our year-long Film Festival will be featuring movies made by YOU! The FAN film fest crew is busy working on putting together another day of community, conversation and celebration of creative expression through Kid Made Movies happening on Saturday November 5, 12-3 PM: RSVP Here if you can join us! We will meet at noon for a potluck/popcorn lunch (donations appreciated!). Then we will be viewing and discussing student submitted works. If the filmmakers are interested, there will be opportunities for Q&A sessions after the screenings to talk about their ideas and creations.
It’s time to get those creative juices flowing and your cameras rolling. Movies in all states of creation are welcome, from works-in-progress to the final cut. I know the deadline is rapidly approaching and you might feel like you can’t get things together in time. Please remain calm and participate anyway! We are accepting submissions in all states of creation. If all you have is the rough start of an idea, great! Put it in the festival. A work in progress? Awesome! Put it in the festival. A finished movie? I want to see it! Put it in the festival. This is a relaxed, no pressure event, to celebrate our student’s creativity. Maybe you don’t have a film but are looking to be inspired. Wonderful! Come to the event and watch movies and try something new by attending one of our workshops.To help our planning, please sign up now if you plan on submitting something to the festival. This is to get an idea of how many participants we should expect, not a final commitment.

Submission Information

All submissions will be uploaded onto YouTube. This will become the playlist that is shown during the event. A private YouTube page for DVIA has been created and the login information will be sent out in the school newsletter on Sunday, October 30. All submission must be uploaded no later than the end of the day on Thursday, November 3.

How can I incorporate this event into my homeschooling?

To enhance your family’s homeschooling (I’m looking at you work journal) and filmmaking experience, we will be hosting a series of Filmmakers Toolbox Workshops in the two weeks leading up to the event. These events are completely free and open to everyone at our school. They are put on by parent volunteers, who are also working professionals in the film and television industry.

Other Work Journal/Homeschooling Ideas: Apps are an easy way for kids to put together their ideas. We highly recommend Lego Movie App. Here is a site with other App Suggestions.

California Science Center has a Pixar Exhibit that just opened. Homeschool Field Trip!

Stop motion on your ipad or phone–it-s-easy-

An example of kid made animation:

Questions? Want to Volunteer? Contact the Event Chair: