These are DV Connect family recommended resources. If you have an amazing language arts resource that you would like to share, please click here to contribute to this page.


BrainPop and BrainPop Jr: DV Connect sponsored resource. BrainPop’s movies cover comprehension, text, skimming, rereading, vocabulary, books, articles, and literature. A library of stories read by your favorite movie stars!

Schoolhouse Rock (specifically Grammar Rock)

Books (most of these resources can be found in the Educator Library):

Rip the Pages: Adventures in Creative Writing: Here are the ideas, experiments, and inspiration to unfold your imagination and get your writing to flow off the page! This is the everything-you-need guide to spark new poems and unstick old stories, including lists of big, small, gross-out, and favorite words; adventurous and zany prompts to leap from; dares and double dares to help you mash up truths and lies into outrageous paragraphs; and letters of encouragement written directly to you from famous authors.

Explode the Code: Break through the code with online, data-driven phonics instruction!

Reading Strategies: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Readers: In The Reading Strategies Book, she collects 300 strategies to share with readers in support of thirteen goals—everything from fluency to literary analysis. Each strategy is cross-linked to skills, genres, and Fountas & Pinnell reading levels to give you just-right teaching, just in time.


Board Games: Scrabble, Scrabble Jr., Sight Word Zingo, Pete the Cat Bingo Sight Word, Spelligator, Boggle Jr., Bananagram, Happy Hats-Beginning Reader Game

Card Games: Snap it Up-Word Families

Online Resources:

Writing Workshop: An excerpt on how to conduct a writing workshop at home. has lesson plans on skill and strategy, novel guides as well as leveled reading passages and paired passages with question sets. Registration is free.

You will find lessons on specific skills, strategies, comprehension, novel studies and more. There are also thematic collections of reading passages with question sets at K-12 levels. Here are a few collections that might be of interest…

Newsela offers non-fiction literacy and focuses on current events. Articles from world-class news publications are adapted to grade level. Newsela builds reading comprehension through leveled articles, real-time assessments and writing prompts. Registration is free.

Listenwise makes it easy to bring authentic voices and compelling non-fiction stories to the classroom. They curate the best of public radio to keep teaching connected to the real world and build student listening skills at the same time. They offer audio clips of stories, comprehension questions, discussion themes and listening graphic organizers. Registration is free.

readwritethink offers standards-based lesson plans, interactive tools for learning, calendar of important events in literary history with related activities and resources that make them more relevant to students and much more.

Ereading Worksheets provides teachers, parents, and motivated students with high-quality reading worksheets, activities, and resources aligned with Common Core State Standards. This website uses a skill focused approach where each activity targets a specific skill set, but you can also browse the reading worksheets by grade level.

Free Audio Books that are organized by genre and language.


Reading A-Z: DV Connect Sponsored Resource. Award-winning reading solution with thousands of leveled readers, lesson plans, worksheets and assessments to teach guided reading & reading proficiency.

Writing A-Z: DV Connect Sponsored Resource: Delivers a comprehensive collection of online writing lessons, resources, and tools to meet the needs of every student, at every learning level. Check out the online videos of the writing process too!
Reading EggsReading Eggs will help your child learn to read using fun online reading games, lessons, phonics and more.

Starfall: Free site to teach the basics of reading. Features interactive books and phonics games.

Duck Duck Moose Reading: An award-winning app based on Common Core State Standards, Duck Duck Moose Reading teaches phonics and reading skills in a fun zoo-themed adventure. With word and letter activities, kids learn by playing with flamingos, monkeys, lions and more. Keep track of progress through a new parent reporting tool.

Spelling/Vocabulary City: Build vocabulary, literacy, phonics, & spelling skills with VocabularySpellingCity. Improve vocabulary, a core reading skill, with gamified context-rich.


Brains On!

Like a podcast version of Mr. WizardBrains On! teaches a different science lesson in every episode Hosted by “kid scientists” with enough excitement and enthusiasm to keep all ages engaged and informed ranging from the origins of language, the history of boogers and farts, why we sneeze to why seas turtles live so damn long. It’s aimed at kids, but let’s face it, this sort of intel would smarten up some adults too. Brains On!

Wow in the World!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting schooled by NPR’s first podcast for kids. Hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas lead listeners through a conversation around the most incredible kid-friendly news stories of the week. Each episode kicks off with a series of questions about a new amazing scientific discovery or finding which are answered through comedy and debate. For example, “How long would it take to get to the closest star outside of our solar system?” Congratulations dads, you no longer need to know everything.Wow in the World Podcast

But Why?

The phrase “But why?” is one a father becomes familiar with quickly. Host Jane Lindholm is here to help foster your kid’s curiosity by tackling questions from the mundane, like “Why do the leaves change color?” to the kind of complicated, like “Who invented words?” The topics are crowd sourced from actual kids who can submit questions using the voice note feature on your phone. So if you ever find yourself in a pickle with a particular subject matter, feel free to delegate.
But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

The Story Pirates

The Story Pirates (not actual pirates) are a bunch of actors, comedians, and improvisers who act out original stories created by kids. Sometimes they hold together — and sometimes it devolves into silly madness. But hey, if it worked for Axe Cop and Monster Trucks, why wouldn’t it work for podcasts?
Story Pirates


Tumble is a science podcast for kids, to be enjoyed by the entire family. We tell stories about science discoveries, with the help of scientists!  Join Lindsay and Marshall as they ask questions, share mysteries, and share what science is all about.

Others Recommended by Parents:

  • Circle Round
  • Sparkle Stories
  • Wow in the World
  • Pants on Fire
  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
  • Pickle
  • 6 Minutes
  • Becoming Mother Nature
  • Eleanor Amplified
  • Short & Curly
  • Smash Boom Best
  • Stories Podcast
  • The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian
  • Story Time
  • Peace Out

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