If you’re in K—8th grade, come be part of history! Celebrate African American History month as you portray an African American hero who made life better for all Americans.

Participants will portray an African American hero who inspires them. As a participant, you will be a living exhibit at the museum and portray a hero you admire and identify with. Imagine what it was like to be your hero and prepare to tell people in the character of your hero.  You will also create a presentation board to show more details about the life, accomplishments and impact of your hero and you can wear a costume and bring props, if you like!

The 8th annual Living History Museum will take place Wednesday, February 22 from 6—7:30 PM and Saturday February, 25 from 3-4:30 PM. Participants may portray their hero at one or both sessions.  Both take place at the Peninsula Center Library.

To sign up to be a participant, just contact Laura Henry. lhenry@pvld.org

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