Online Groups

Participation Guidelines: By participating in the online groups, members agree to keep their posts kind, specific and helpful. Please refrain from any posts that are self-promoting and remember to be inclusive, posting only those events to which all group members would be invited.


To get access to your group, please click on the appropriate link below and click on the + Join Group button. Sign on and follow the directions.

DVIA Schoolwide Yahoo Group

Core 1 Yahoo Group – Email Core 1 group moderator Bethany for access

Core 2 Yahoo Group – Email Core 2 group moderator Dana Holman for access

Core 3 Yahoo Group – Email Core 3 group moderator Kristie Zurick for access

Core 4/5 Yahoo Group – Email Core 4/5 group moderator Lorrie Boston for access.

HSC Yahoo Group – Email HSC group moderator Lorrie Boston for access


DVIA Schoolwide Facebook Page