2018 -19 Pizza / Spirit Days at DV Connect

FAN hosts pizza/spirit days through the school year. 7 days for each cohort. On these days, kids can purchase a pizza lunch on campus and also have the chance to dress up as per the theme for that day.

Pizza / Spirit Day FAQs

1. When are pizza/spirit days ?
Check the Calendar on this website to find the dates. Pizza/spirit days are typically on Wed, Thurs & Friday of the same week, one day for each cohort. Each cohort has 7 pizza days in the year.

2. Can I pay for my child’s pizza in advance for the whole school year?
Yes. We offer a prepay option ONCE in the beginning of the year. Look out for information and payment deadline in the weekly newsletter or under ‘What’s New’ on this website.

3. Why should I pay in advance? 
Skip the lines! Pay upfront! Don’t worry about having exact change on Pizza Day Mornings! Support the programs at our school in a fun way.

4. If I prepaid and missed a pizza/spirit day, will I get a refund ?
Sorry. No refunds are available.

5. I did not prepay, can my child still get pizza ?
Yes ! You can purchase pizzas for $3 per slice and $1 for a cup of lemonade. We accept only cash for purchases on pizza day.

6. Why are we buying pizza from Domino’s not Costco?
The 2 main reasons we moved to Domino’s from Costco pizza is because Domino’s delivers as well as offers a Gluten-Free option. If you have other suggestions or have connections elsewhere, please let us know by emailing DaVinciFANEvents@gmail.com.

7. My child will be getting pizza. Do I still need to send food with my child on these days?
This depends on your child. The pizzas are 14″ pies cut into 8 portions (slices). Depending on how many slices your child gets, you are the best judge of whether or not he/she will need a little more. Also, please remember that your student still has body breaks throughout the day. It is always helpful to pack healthy snacks for the remainder of the day.

8. How do I know what the Spirit day theme is?
Spirit day themes can be found in the description area of the Calendar on the pizza/spirit dates. Additionally, the information is also typically sent out in the weekly newsletter before pizza/spirit week & will be posted on the FB page.

9. Does my child have to dress up for Spirit day ?
No. If your child chooses not to dress up as per the spirit theme for the day, he/she is expected to wear clothes like on any other school day.  BUT, if they do choose to dress-up, please help your child choose costumes that feel safe for others and are school appropriate.

10. What will the money from the pizza lunches be used for ?
All proceeds will go towards FAN events that happen through the year.