What’s New

  • FAN Meet & Greet

    Mon/Tues/Wed, Sept 16/17/18, 9:30-10:30am
    Join Michelle, Kaitlin and our FANtastic parents (YOU!) as we reacquaint ourselves with what DV Connect’s Family Action Network (FAN) is, how you can be involved, and what exciting events are already in store for this year. Nine years ago, we very intentionally created FAN over a PTA. Our family events are by you, for you! There’s no “in group” or “out group”–there are just families wanting to getting involved in different ways and many opportunities to do so!

  • DV Connect 7th Annual Cultural Fair

    Thursday, September 26th from 4-7pm
    Great opportunity for Project -Based Learning (PBL)! More information and signup link here.

  • Get CONNECTed! Check out the 2019-20 Family Directory.

    Please click on the Family Directory icon to view the 2019-20 directory of Connect families. The file is password-protected. If you haven’t received the password via email or you are not listed (and would like to be), please email connect@davincischools.org. IMPORTANT NOTE: This directory has been compiled for the sole use and convenience of Da Vinci Connect families. It’s purpose is to support connection with one another. The use of the directory for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

  • The Parent Center @ DV Connect

    Check out The Parent Center @ DV Connect!
    For information and schedule, click on The Parent Center menu on this website.